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Ride the High Country Movie Review


Although it iss only the second movie of Sam Peckinpah, there is still can be seen a lot of his late-stage movie style. Not the iconic slow-motion action of The Wild Bunch, in fact, the film is so ordinary in terms of action scene which many westerns is grate at. ...

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Ray Liotta in the Movie Goodfellas (1990)


In 1990, Ray Liotta performed well in the classic ganster film Goodfellas, which was directed by the great directer Martin Scorsese. In 2001, the films Hannibal,Heartbreakers and Blow he Participated in also achieved good box office taking. ...

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Jared Leto in the Movie Fight Club (1994)


Jared Leto played a minor role called Angel Face in the film Fight Club. Angel Face is one of the first to become the members of the "Project Mayhem", which is the third person to pass the entrance test to join the society. ...

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