Why is the Water on the Water Planet Very Shallow in Interstellar?

In the near future, as the natural environment of the Earth deteriorates and humans face the threat of not being able to survive, scientists have discovered a wormhole near Saturn in the solar system. Through this hole, they can break the limits of human ability, therefore to travel to more distant outer space in search of the hope of living. An expedition team travels beyond the solar system through this wormhole, and their goal is to find a planet suitable for human migration.

Water on the Water Planet

The first planet that main characters in Interstellar went was found by Miller. The planet's surface is full of water with raging wave at any time. This water planet is covered by the ocean as Earth, because of the proximity of the black hole, the gravitational influence of the formation of huge tides. The tides on Earth is caused by the moon's gravity, and Miller star’s huge tides is caused by the gravitational force of the black hole. Imagine how many thousands of times the gravity of a black hole is the moon? Just because most of the seawater is sucked up, only a thin layer of two feet deep shallow water remains.

Not only is Miller not suitable for human living, but also everything will be destroyed by the tides. Miller's ship was blown to pieces, but why was Miller's ship still sending a signal? Because the planet is affected by the gravity of the black hole, time passes very slowly. An hour on the planet is equal to seven years outside. It may have been only a few minutes since Miller crashed or was crushed by the tide, but years have passed in the outside world. This situation is in fact exists in the universe: relativity says that time can be compressed or stretched, and that in places where gravity is very strong, space and time can be severely warped.

Miller is actually very unfortunate. Imagine this: she landed, found the sky is very blue water is very clear, very happy to send a signal to the Earth and said "Hey, the environment here is very nice". Just after the signal was sent, she was destroyed by the tide.

tide on the water planet

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