Interstellar, Why There are No Real Prototype for Robots like Tars in Real Life?

The robot was designed by the film team, and Nolan said in an interview with Empire that he wanted to avoid anthropomorphized robots in favor of a quadrilateral design. His exact words are: You've got four main blocks and they can be joined in three ways. So you have three combinations you follow. But then within that, it subdivides into a further three joints. And all the places we see lines — those can subdivide further.

As for this design, the Popsci website reviewed as : (It’s a visually arresting approach, and one with no real-world precedent).

Now let's analyze the function of Tars in the movie:
1. They tell jokes and chatting. In fact, this function can be summarized as companionship. They accompany the astronauts in the interstellar travel, and solve the psychological needs of the astronauts to communicate with people.
2. They assist astronauts in their works. Whether on the spacecraft or on planets, Tars can be used as a laborer or mechanic.

This division of labor is actually best represented in another movie, Star Wars:

As a robot that can directly communicate with human beings, C-3PO has two basic characteristics: Human-like appearance and actions, and language communication ability.

If human-like appearance is meant to increase human intimacy, then Tars falls short in this regard. So are Tars good for physical work? From the appearance aspect, they have sharp edges. In fact, there are safety hazards when they are in collaboration with astronauts - a risk of scratching spacesuits or equipment, such edges are easy to wear off when crossing the surface of the planet. In terms of movement, the center of gravity of Tars is unstable and it is easy to fall down. And its legs can only swing back and forth or turn, rather than spread out to the side, meaning that if you kick it from the side, it's likely to fall over. By contrast, although BigDog got a kick,

Their joints can be spread to the side at an angle, it is capable of finding balance after being kicked. Tars' leg, on the other hand, has a problem in addition to the lack off free motion: the whole leg is rigid and has almost no shock absorption effect.

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