The Hunting Party (1971)

The Hunting Party (1971)

  • 6.3
  • 108 mins
  • Western


The rich and ruthless rancher Brandt Ruger keeps his beautiful young wife Melissa like a part of his property, subdued to his will. But one day she's kidnapped by the famous outlaw Frank Calder - just to teach him reading, so he tells her. Calder doesn't know or care who's wife she is. He takes care of her well, and eventually Melissa falls in love with him. But Ruger feels humiliated. Full of hate, he sets out to kill him - and Melissa too, if necessary. Together with his friends and the newest technology in guns, which carry 800 yards, he initiates a battue on Calder and his gang.—Tom Zoerner

Short Review

A savage and silly Western, wildly overcooked by Don Medford and glazedly played by Oliver Reed, Candice Bergen and Gene Hackman.