Charro! (1969)

Charro! (1969)

  • 5.8
  • 98 mins
  • Western


With his criminal days behind him, Jess Wade, a rugged horseman who used to ride with the dangerous outlaw, Vince Hackett, and his cut-throats, tries to distance himself from the murderous gang, and go straight. However, no one betrays Hackett. As a result, Vince decides to frame Wade for the theft of the Victory Gun: a powerful cannon of gold and silver that fired the last shot against Emperor Maximilian and freed all Mexico. Before long, Jess finds himself on the run from the Federales, bearing the hideous mark of a thief and hunted down like prey, as Hackett threatens to wipe the small town of Rio Seco off the face of the earth. Now, everyone thinks that Jess is guilty. Can he clear his name and save the town?—Nick Riganas

Short Review

Great score and song, but the film itself doesn't quite match those two things.Elvis Presley stars as the lead in 'Charro!', a western from 1969. The main point of the premise is a promising one, but the execution of it isn't anything all that interesting. The end events are entertaining, it's just the 60-70 minutes leading up to it are very slow. More needed to be added to the story.Presley himself is alright, I found his performance solid enough. Victor French makes for a decent villain, but neither him, the lead or anyone else really stand out in my thoughts - even shortly after watching.Not necessarily bad, but not good either.