Highest-Rated Movies about 'B Western'

Ride, Tenderfoot, Ride (1940), Come On Tarzan (1932), Mountain Rhythm (1939), Guns and Guitars (1936), Sioux City Sue (1946), The Life of Emile Zola (1937), Saginaw Trail (1953), Blue Montana Skies (1939) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best B Western movies.

#2. Come On Tarzan (1932)

Storyline: After her father dies Pat Riley (Merna Kennedy), returns home from an eastern board school and takes charge of the family horse ranch. She immediately has a spat with the ranch foreman Ken Benson (Ken Maynard). He is trying to convince her that the smooth-talking Steve Frazier (Niles Welch) has an hidden agenda for wanting to buy the ranch's ramada of broken wild horses. Turns out he does...he represents a company that makes dog food.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: character name in title, horse billed above the title, actor billed above the title, bushwhacker, grindhouse film, pre code film, treachery ...

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#3. Mountain Rhythm (1939)

Storyline: Cavanaugh and McCauley are after the ranchers land. When the Government announces the land will be put up for auction, the ranchers pool their money only to have it stolen by Cavanaugh's men. They then plan to sell their cattle but Cavanaugh announces a fake gold strike and the cowhands all leave. But Gene's hobo friend the Judge says he will get the cattle to market and he sends out a signal to his hobo friends.—Maurice VanAuken <mvanauken@a1access.net>

Plot Keywords: singing cowboy, horse and carriage, hypnotism, jail, new mexico, resort, robbery ...

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#4. Guns and Guitars (1936)

Storyline: Gene joins in the fight against Morgan and his men who are trying to run infected cattle to the railroad. When Morgan's man shoots the Sheriff, Gene runs in the election to replace him. Morgan accuses Gene of the murder but Gene wins anyway and it's not long before he gets the chance to nab Morgan and his gang.—Maurice VanAuken <mvanauken@a1access.net>

Plot Keywords: ruse, quarantine, election, murder, gang, cattleman, ambush ...

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#5. Sioux City Sue (1946)

Storyline: Utilizing a script from 1939's "She Married a Cop" with a 1946 Hit Parade song for the title, Gene Autry's screen return following his WW II Army Air Corps service, "Sioux City Sue" has Hollywood talent scout Sue Warner (Lynne Roberts) in search of a singing cowboy and finding and offering cattle rancher Gene Autry (Gene Autry) a contract. He agrees to go to Hollywood if there is a part for his horse Champion. Gene isn't aware they only want to use his voice in an animated cartoon. After the preview, he and Champ depart in a huff (Well, actually, Champ was in a trailer). The annoyed Sue also follows and gets work on Gene's ranch as a cook. Later, the studio heads, while looking at Gene's screen test, decide he is a natural and want to sign him to a contract. After a few misunderstandings, Gene realizes that Sue is sincere, and he signs a contract to star in a musical western, but first he has to stop a cattle stampede and rout a gang of rustlers trying to blow up his ranch dam.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: character name in title, explosion, cattle rancher, cattle ranch, violence, vindication, reprisal ...

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#6. The Life of Emile Zola (1937)

Storyline: CHAP. 1, HI YO SILVER: An outlaw leader planning to take control of Texas after the Civil War kills Colonel Jeffries, a man empowered to levy taxes, and assumes his identity. His men then murder a troop of Rangers. Tonto finds one Ranger still alive and he becomes the Lone Ranger. A Jeffries spy thinks one of five men is the Lone Ranger and to eliminate his enemy, Jeffries has all five captured and sentenced to death. CHAP. 2, THUNDERING EARTH: Jeffries' men plan to wipe out a wagon train of Texans. CHAP. 3, PITFALL: Jeffries forces Blanchard to send a recommendation that he be made Governor. The Lone Ranger chases the courier but a spiked pit awaits him. CHAP. 4, AGENT OF TREACHERY: Jeffries prepares another trap for the Lone Ranger. CHAP. 5, STEAMING CALDRON: Catching one of Jeffries' men who trailed a wounded Jim Clark to their secret caved, there is a fight and the Lone Ranger ends up trapped in a pit with a steaming cauldron. CHAP. 6, RED MAN'S COURAGE: Clark dies from his wounds. Of the four remaining Rangers, the identity of the Lone Ranger is still unknown. When Jeffries' men kill two Indians and leave silver bullets, their tribesmen capture Tonto and prepare to kill him. CHAP. 7, WHEELS OF DISASTER: Joan has been placed in a wagon with gun powder and the Lone Ranger rides to save her. CHAP. 8, FATAL TREASURE: The Rangers get Jeffries' silver but retrieving it the next day, two of the Rangers get trapped in a well. CHAP. 9, MISSING SPUR: The Rangers are jailed for taking the silver. Kester has obtained the spur from the Lone Ranger and now says he will identify him. CHAP. 10, FLAMING FURY: The Lone Ranger and Tonto get trapped in a burning barn. CHAP. 11, SILVER BULLET: When Jeffries' men kill Bob Stuart's uncle, the maker of the silver bullets, Stuart trails them and ends up in a gunfight. CHAP. 12, ESCAPE: Stuart dies leaving three Rangers. Trying to save Joan and her father, they and the Lone Ranger are in a stage that goes over a cliff. CHAP. 13, FATAL PLUNGE: Chapter 1 flashback. CHAP. 14, MESSENGER OF DOOM: Kester uses the Rangers' pigeons to locate their secret cave. Greatly outnumbered, Forrest collapses the cave ceiling killing himself and the soldiers. CHAP. 15, LAST OF THE RANGERS: The two remaining Rangers try to escape from the rest of Jeffries' men but one is killed. The Lone Ranger organizes the Texans who then meet Jeffries and his men in a final shootout. With the Texans now in control the Lone Ranger finally unmasks.—Maurice VanAuken <vanauken@comcast.net>

Plot Keywords: confession, rejection, treachery, anxiety, gang leader, gang member, serial ...

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#7. Saginaw Trail (1953)

Storyline: Michigan in 1827 was a bit off the beaten path for any B-western, especially one from Gene Autry, so Gene had to shed his Levis (since Mr. Strauss was about 20 years away from stitching his first pair together in San Francisco) and wear a different gun-belt, but the rest of his costume (hat and string-looped shirt) didn't make much of a bow in the authentic direction in this film, which finds the fur empire of Jules Brissac in Michigan's Saginaw Valley wilderness being threatened by advancing settlers. His right hand henchman, Miller Webb, disguised as an Indian, leads renegade Delawares against the settlers. Captain Gene Autry of Hamilton's Rangers is sent to investigate. Gene and his pal Smiley, aided by Randy Lane and Brissac's niece, Flora Tourney, find evidence pointing to the guilt of Brissac and Webb and round them up to make the region safe for settlers.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, gang leader, gang member, held at gunpoint, sword fight, disguise, deception ...

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#8. Blue Montana Skies (1939)

Storyline: Hendricks is smuggling furs across the border. Gene's partner sees them and is murdered. But before he died he wrote the initials HH. So Gene and Frog head to the HH dude ranch to investigate. They eventually get wise to Hendricks game but as soon as they find the furs they are made prisoners.—Maurice VanAuken <mvanauken@a1access.net>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, shoot out, ruse, treachery, greed, grief, bushwhacker ...

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#9. Forbidden Trails (1941)

Storyline: Trapped in a burning cabin by ex-cons Fulton and Howard, Roberts has his horse Silver drag him to safety. He then joins McCall and Hopkins as they go after Fulton, Howard, and their boss Cramer.—Maurice VanAuken <mvanauken@a1access.net>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, shootout, fistfight, extortion, revenge seeker, dire straits, confrontation ...

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#10. Bells of Rosarita (1945)

Storyline: Sue Farnum inherits a circus, but her dead father's partner is trying to take it away from her. Roy and Bob Nolan are filming a movie on location at the circus. They and a number of other western movie stars come to Sue's aid, putting on a show and catching the bad guys.—Ed Stephan <stephan@cc.wwu.edu>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, year 1945, modern west, arson, retribution, reprisal, vindication ...

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#11. The Return of Jack Slade (1955)

Storyline: Jack Slade, son of a famed lawman and man-hunter, is hired by a Pinkerton detective, Joseph Ryan, to help wipe out a gang of outlaws and train robbers, Billy Wilcox, Harry Sutton and Little Blue Raven, and their women, Texas Rose, Polly Logan and Laughing Sam. Slade gets off to a slow beginning when his gun is taken away from him by Texas Rose during a train robbery. Learning from Ryan the location of the gang's hideout, Slade leaves his pal Johnny Turner behind and joins the gang as a wanted outlaw. Turner, looking for Slade, is shot down by Sutton, and Slade vows revenge and, with Ryan's help, sets a trap for the gang.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: independent film, gunfire, horse, incognito, investigation, jealousy, low budget film ...

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#12. Pioneer Justice (1947)

Storyline: When three deputy marshals meet mysterious deaths near Buffalo Gap, the U.S. Marshal sends his top two trouble-shooters, Cheyenne Davis and Fuzzy Jones, to investigate. Cheyenne discovers that all the honest people in the vicinity are being driven from their lands by a gang led by Bill Judd. Further investigating disclose that a mysterious man is giving orders to Judd. Cheyenne rounds up the gang and its mysterious leader and restores law-and-order to Buffalo Gap.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: independent film, two gun man, gunfire, greed, grief, stress, tension ...

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#13. Arizona Bound (1941)

Storyline: The Rough Riders are called in to help save Master's stage line. Taggart has his gang robbing the stages and shooting the drivers. When Buck drives the next stage, Taggart's men rob it and then make it look like Roberts is part of the gang.—Maurice VanAuken <mvanauken@a1access.net>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, reprisal, retribution, schemer, ruse, henchman, cattle drive ...

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#14. Heart of the Rio Grande (1942)

Storyline: As foreman of a dude ranch, Gene has two problems. One is a guest, the spoiled daughter of a millioniare, and the other is the disgruntled ex-foreman that Gene replaced, now just a ranch hand. Gene eventually gets the daughter straightened out but has to fire the ex-foreman and this leads to trouble when he returns intent on revenge.—Maurice VanAuken <mvanauken@a1access.net>

Plot Keywords: guitar player, treachery, cattle rancher, airplane pilot, 1940s, cattle ranch, grindhouse film ...

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#15. Bells of Capistrano (1942)

Storyline: Shag Johnson, owner of the Johnson Brothers Rodeo, has been trying for years to gain control of the World-Wide Wild West Show managed by Jennifer Benton, by fair means or foul. Gene Autry and Frog Millhouse arrive on the scene during a battle between the two rival shows and rescue Pa and Ma McCracken from an attack by Johnson's hired henchmen. All hands are carted off to jail, and great crowds are attracted there by Gene's singing, and Pa McCracken decides to add the singing cowboy to his World-Wide show. He does and Gene skyrockets the box-office receipts, which enrages Johnson since it appears certain that World Wide will be able to secure the contract for the annual Capistrano festival and the following Madison Square Garden rodeo. Gene refuses Johnson's offer of $10,000 per week to change shows, and Shag hires Jenkins to burn the Capistrano set-up to the ground. Pa McCracken is seriously injured and Gene learns that only a specialist from the east can save him, and his fee is $5,000. He accepts Johnson's offer in order to pay the doctor, and Jennifer is heartbroken over his apparent disloyalty. At Johnson's show, however, Gene learns of Johnson's duplicity, forces confessions from Shag and Jenkins, makes the former pay Pa's doctor bill and release Gene from his contract.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, jail break, competition, ruse, despair, desperation, double feature film ...

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