Saginaw Trail (1953)

Saginaw Trail (1953)

  • 6.7
  • 56 mins
  • Western


Michigan in 1827 was a bit off the beaten path for any B-western, especially one from Gene Autry, so Gene had to shed his Levis (since Mr. Strauss was about 20 years away from stitching his first pair together in San Francisco) and wear a different gun-belt, but the rest of his costume (hat and string-looped shirt) didn't make much of a bow in the authentic direction in this film, which finds the fur empire of Jules Brissac in Michigan's Saginaw Valley wilderness being threatened by advancing settlers. His right hand henchman, Miller Webb, disguised as an Indian, leads renegade Delawares against the settlers. Captain Gene Autry of Hamilton's Rangers is sent to investigate. Gene and his pal Smiley, aided by Randy Lane and Brissac's niece, Flora Tourney, find evidence pointing to the guilt of Brissac and Webb and round them up to make the region safe for settlers.—Les Adams

Short Review

Unusual Gene Autry western musical, this one is set in Michigan in 1827. The plot deals with the fur traders trying to keep new settlers from settling in the Saginaw Valley and infringing on their fur market. They disguise themselves as Indians (Native Americans) and attack and kill the new settlers. It's actually pretty a good story. Directed by George Archainbaud. Gene sings "Beautiful Dreamer" among other tunes.


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