The Hawk of Powder River (1948)

The Hawk of Powder River (1948)

  • 6.0
  • 54 mins
  • Western


Vivian as the Hawk is the secret leader of an outlaw gang. She wants the Chambers ranch and after Chambers is killed she sends her men to kill his daughter who is arriving on the stage. Eddie breaks it up and later foils a robbery attempt by the gang. Finding a hat at the scene, he marks it and leaves it hoping it will turn up again.—Maurice VanAuken

Short Review

Evidently a singing cowboy of some renown (though I never heard of him), Eddie Dean travels around the old West a-helpin' and a-savin' folks in between a-singin' songs about the open range to his horse - or his sidekick - whoever happens to be close by. Now, there's a bad guy try'n'ta take over the whole kit'n'kaboodle ... and it's a woman! Can our happy-go-lucky hero put a halt to her shenanigans? This C-grade feature, while extremely predictable, manages to not insult a soul too much, and might even coax a song or two out of you yourself, sangin' back-up.


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