Ghost Town Renegades (1947)

Ghost Town Renegades (1947)

  • 6.2
  • 57 mins
  • Western


The U. S. Marshal of Arizona orders his ace trouble-shooter. "Cheyenne" Davis(Lash La Rue)to Waterhole, a deserted mining town, so that he can aid "Fuzzy" Jones (Al St. John), the local law-enforcement officer, in an investigation into the disappearance of Bob Craig (Bob Woodward), a federal surveyor. "Cheyenne" arrives just after two henchmen, Flint (Terry Frost) and "Waco" (Lane Bradford)have ambushed a man named Rodney Trent (Steve Clark)and left him for dead after stealing his papers. "Cyeyenne" and "Fuzzy" take him to "Fuzzy's" shack, where he tells them he has come west to look into an offer from Vince Sharpe (Jack Ingram)fo the land he has inherited in Barton City, and also tells them his daughter, Diane (Jennifer Holt)is on her way to join him. Back in Barton City, thinking they have killed Trent, report to Sharpe, who is dismayed to learn from Trent's papers that he has a daughter, who will inherit Trent's holding when he dies. "Cheyenne" decides that Sharpe must have a good reason for wanting the apparently-worthless land, and he and "Fuzzy" devise a plan of action to find out the reason.—Les Adams

Short Review

A job has come up only you can handle.Gold is found in a small western town and a ruthless landowner hopes to gather all the land in town by any means necessary. The town people begin dying and the landowner starts acquiring properties one by one. The town turns to a man of the law to come in and save them. Can the lawman establish who is behind the attacks, who the landowner's followers are, and bring them all down?"You never miss, do you?""Usually you don't get a second chance to miss."Ray Taylor, director of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe, The Adventures of Smiling Jack, Dick Tracy, Robinson Crusoe Clipper Island, West of El Dorado, The Westward Trail, and Dead Man's Gold, delivers Ghost Town Renegades. The storyline for this picture is classic western genre with little new elements. The action scenes are just okay and the acting is pretty average. "Is he unconscious again?"This was recommended to me by Fios so I decided to DVR it off EncoreWestern. This is a very cliché classic western that is only worth watching for diehard fans of the genre. I wouldn't go too out of my way to see this."I've got enough worries without your troubles?"Grade: C


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