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On the Bowery (1956), Outback (1971), Amy (2015), After the Rehearsal (1984), The Italian (2005), The Country Girl (1954), Black Tide (2018), The Small Back Room (1949) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Alcoholic movies.

On the Bowery (1956)

Filmmaker Lionel Rogosin turns his camera on the homeless "bums" who frequent New York City's Bowery area.

homeless person, thief, bum, alcoholic, disheartening, shocking, powerful

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Outback (1971)

After finishing up the school term in a remote outback town, teacher John Grant (Gary Bond) looks forward to spending his holiday with his girlfriend in Sydney. But John gets waylaid in a mining town where a gambling spree leaves him completely broke. He quickly falls in with the hard-drinking locals, who constantly ply him with alcohol and force him to participate in a gruesome kangaroo hunt. Disgusted, John tries to hitchhike out of town and, when that fails, begins to contemplate suicide.

schoolteacher, sheriff, doctor, alcoholic, frightful, gritty, school

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Amy (2015)

Archival footage and personal testimonials present an intimate portrait of the life and career of British singer/songwriter Amy Winehouse.

musician, singer, parent, alcoholic, drug addict, moving, inspiring

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After the Rehearsal (1984)

An aging Swedish stage director's (Erland Josephson) ex-lover (Ingrid Thulin) and would-be lover (Lena Olin) visit him on the set.

director, actress, alcoholic, mother, old flame, dense, striking

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The Italian (2005)

Abandoned by his mother, 6-year-old Vanya (Kolya Spiridonov) lives in an orphanage run by a greedy woman (Mariya Kuznetsova) and her cruel lover (Nikolai Reutov). Vanya decides to run away and find his mother after a wealthy Italian couple offer to buy him and after observing that the older children in the home survive by stealing or prostitution. He faces many dangers on his journey, including the pair at the orphanage who tried to sell him.

orphan, alcoholic, madam, driver, mother, friend, inspiring

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The Country Girl (1954)

An alcoholic stage actor (Bing Crosby) leans on his wife (Grace Kelly) as he tries to make a comeback.

actor, wife, alcoholic, director, theatrical producer, bleak, intense

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Black Tide (2018)

An alcoholic police officer investigating the case of a missing teenager meets the boy's teacher, who is strangely eager to help.

teacher, missing person, alcoholic, police officer, brooding, engaging, france

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The Small Back Room (1949)

Brilliant but tormented bomb expert Sammy Rice (David Farrar) works for the British government during World War II, but his increasingly problematic alcoholism and a recent injury threaten his ability to work.

scientist, assistant, military officer, alcoholic, girlfriend, patriotic, emotional

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Fuse (2003)

President Bill Clinton's plans to visit to the town of Tesanj, Bosnia-Herzegovina, prompt the alcoholic former police chief Faruk (Enis Beslagic) to hatch a wacky plan to avenge the wartime death of his son.

police chief, son, bill clinton, cop, mobster, alcoholic, dark

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The Hustler (1961)

An up-and-coming pool player plays a long-time champion in a single high-stakes match.

hustler, sexy woman, gambler, anti-hero, alcoholic, writer, tense

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Opening Night (1977)

A renowned actress teeters on the edge of a breakdown as she counts down the days toward a big Broadway opening.

actress, playwright, director, alcoholic, spiritual leader, girl, chilling

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Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966)

A bitter, aging couple, with the help of alcohol, use their young houseguests to fuel anguish and emotional pain towards each other over the course of a distressing night.

professor, wife, teacher, alcoholic, bleak, brash, disturbing

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Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)

Brick, an alcoholic ex-football player, drinks his days away and resists the affections of his wife, Maggie. His reunion with his father, Big Daddy, who is dying of cancer, jogs a host of memories and revelations for both father and son.

alcoholic, wife, father, brother, mother, sister-in-law, sultry

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Mondays in the Sun (2002)

Fired from a Spanish shipyard, three men (Javier Bardem, Luis Tosar, José Ángel Egido) spend their days wandering aimlessly and carousing in a bar.

dockworker, blue-collar worker, optimist, bar owner, friend, alcoholic, bleak

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The Lost Weekend (1945)

The desperate life of a chronic alcoholic is followed through a four-day drinking bout.

writer, alcoholic, brother, girlfriend, bartender, dark, bleak

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Harvey (1950)

Due to his insistence that he has an invisible six foot-tall rabbit for a best friend, a whimsical middle-aged man is thought by his family to be insane - but he may be wiser than anyone knows.

alcoholic, sister, doctor, manager, daughter, judge, winsome

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To Have and Have Not (1944)

During World War II, American expatriate Harry Morgan helps transport a French Resistance leader and his beautiful wife to Martinique while romancing a sensuous lounge singer.

fisherman, resistance fighter, alcoholic, pianist, wanderer, playful, patriotic

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Tokyo Godfathers (2003)

On Christmas Eve, three homeless people living on the streets of Tokyo discover a newborn baby among the trash and set out to find its parents.

homeless person, hobo, transsexual, runaway, alcoholic, baby, emotional

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Key Largo (1948)

A man visits his war buddy's family hotel and finds a gangster running things. As a hurricane approaches, the two end up confronting each other.

war hero, widow, father-in-law, mobster, henchman, alcoholic, suspenseful

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Providence (1977)

A dying writer bases his last book on his own perception of his family.

novelist, sick person, son, alcoholic, wife, illegitimate son, uneasy

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Withnail and I (1987)

In 1969, two substance-abusing, unemployed actors retreat to the countryside for a holiday that proves disastrous.

actor, alcoholic, uncle, drug dealer, poacher, yokel, hilarious

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Nebraska (2013)

An aging, booze-addled father makes the trip from Montana to Nebraska with his estranged son in order to claim a million-dollar Mega Sweepstakes Marketing prize.

old man, alcoholic, son, predator, friend, lottery winner, brooding

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A Monkey in Winter (1962)

Albert is an inn owner who vowed never to drink again if he and his wife survived the war. They did, and the reformed alcoholic keeps his vow. But times have changed and soon after the war, Albert comes in contact with Gabriel, a young man prone to heavy bouts with the bottle. Gabriel is conflicted over visiting his young daughter in a nearby school and in a moment of...Read all

alcoholic, young man, child, advertiser, innkeeper, wife, amusing

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Devdas (2002)

After his wealthy family prohibits him from marrying the woman he is in love with, Devdas Mukherjee's life spirals further and further out of control as he takes up alcohol and a life of vice to numb the pain.

son, daughter, rich kid, poor girl, alcoholic, dancer, bleak

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Metallica: Some Kind of Monster (2004)

The iconic metal band struggles for two years to create their album St. Anger, dealing with alcoholism, the loss of their bass player, and the challenge of working with a psychotherapist.

rock star, producer, alcoholic, painter, therapist, engaging, tense

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Leaving Las Vegas (1995)

Ben Sanderson, a Hollywood screenwriter who lost everything because of his alcoholism, arrives in Las Vegas to drink himself to death. There, he meets and forms an uneasy friendship and non-interference pact with prostitute Sera..

alcoholic, screenwriter, prostitute, pimp, bleak, emotional, las vegas

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A Time to Kill (1996)

In Canton, Mississippi, a fearless young lawyer and his assistant defend a black man accused of murdering two white men who raped his ten-year-old daughter, inciting violent retribution and revenge from the Ku Klux Klan.

klansman, lawyer, bailiff, judge, protégé, alcoholic, disheartening

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Mrs. Parker and the Vicious Circle (1994)

Critic and writer Dorothy Parker (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and her cohorts create the Algonquin Round Table in 1920s New York.

writer, playwright, magazine editor, alcoholic, amusing, engaging, passionate

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Ladybird, Ladybird (1994)

This Ken Loach docu-drama relates the story of a British woman's fight with Social Services over the care of her children. Maggie has a history of bouncing from one abusive relationship to another. She has four children, of four different fathers, who came to the attention of Social Services when they were injured in a fire. Subsequently, Maggie was found to be an "un...Read all

alcoholic, mother, lover, social worker, judge, bleak, intense

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Written on the Wind (1956)

Alcoholic playboy Kyle Hadley marries the woman secretly loved by his poor but hard-working best friend, who in turn is pursued by Kyle's nymphomaniac sister.

scientist, secretary, alcoholic, sexy woman, oil baron, wife, dark

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