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Jeune femme (2017), A Summer's Tale (1996), Eyes Without a Face (1959), Le Doulos (1961), The Rules of the Game (1939), The Lovely Month of May (1963), I Got Life! (2017), Beauty and the Beast (1991) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best France movies.

Jeune femme (2017)

Left by Joachim, an artist with whom she shared her life for 10 years, Paula finds herself wandering the streets of Paris, lonely and fixated.

young woman, frenchwoman, city girl, friend, love interest, colleague, uplifting

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A Summer's Tale (1996)

While having strong romantic feelings for one woman, a young man finds himself being drawn to a few others.

young man, girlfriend, waitress, friend, aunt, charming, passionate

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Eyes Without a Face (1959)

A Paris surgeon (Pierre Brasseur) tries to fix his daughter's (Édith Scob) face with skin from kidnapped women.

doctor, daughter, assistant, victim, disturbing, chilling, france

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Le Doulos (1961)

A former convict (Serge Reggiani) suspects his best friend (Jean-Paul Belmondo), a burglar with police contacts, of being a stool pigeon.

friend, jewel thief, informant, ex-convict, gangster, superintendent, suspenseful

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The Rules of the Game (1939)

French aristocrats and their servants play hard during a hunting party at a landowner's estate (Marcel Dalio).

servant, pilot, aristocrat, game warden, poacher, maid, witty

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The Lovely Month of May (1963)

Actors Yves Montand and Simone Signoret narrate an introduction to springtime in Paris, as described by its citizens.

man, woman, frenchman, engaging, mellow, paris, france

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I Got Life! (2017)

A woman, separated from her husband, loses her job and discovers she's going to be a grandmother. Refusing to be pushed to the outskirts of society, she puts her foot down and decides to start over.

woman, ex-boyfriend, husband, daughter, pregnant woman, love interest, friend

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Beauty and the Beast (1991)

A French maiden takes the place of her captured father in the enchanted castle of an accursed prince, and her love is his only chance to resume human form, in the Disney version of a French fairy-tale .

anti-hero, ingénue, father, suitor, servant, endearing, playful

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The Little Prince (2015)

The Aviator introduces a girl to a world where she rediscovers her childhood and learns that it's human connections that matter most, and that it is only with heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

little girl, neighbor, mother, prince, engaging, amusing, creative

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Marat/Sade (1967)

The Marquis de Sade (Patrick Magee) directs the patients of Charenton mental hospital in a play about the life of Jean-Paul Marat (Ian Richardson).

crazy person, writer, mental patient, director, marquis de sade, disturbing, emotional

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Marianne (2019)

A famous horror writer discovers that the evil spirit who plagues her dreams is now wreaking havoc.

frenchwoman, fiancé, soldier, blind man, american officer, melodramatic, sad

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Under the Sand (2000)

For many years, Marie and Jean have happily spent their vacation together in the Landes region of western France. But this summer, while Marie naps on the beach, her husband goes swimming and vanishes without a trace. Tenaciously and disquietingly, Marie keeps the memory of her husband alive, often speaking of him as if he never disappeared. An offbeat study of the grieving process that will ring true for anyone who has gone through a similar personal loss.

husband, mother, professor, widow, friend, love interest, disheartening

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The Measure of a Man (2015)

At the age of 51, Thierry starts a new job that soon brings him face to face with a moral dilemma.

frenchman, factory worker, security guard, colleague, boss, unemployed person, emotional

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The Man on the Train (2002)

A prospective bank robber (Johnny Hallyday) and a retired teacher (Jean Rochefort) secretly dream about having each other's lives.

thief, friend, professor, banker, retiree, witty, winsome

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A Season in France (2017)

An African teacher flees his violent country for France, where he falls in love with a local woman.

african, wife, teacher, brother, frenchwoman, daughter, emotional

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Betty Fisher and Other Stories (2001)

Grieving after the death of her young son Joseph, novelist Betty Fisher (Sandrine Kiberlain) enters a dark depression. Hoping to bring her out of it, her mother Margot (Nicole Garcia) arranges to kidnap another child, Jose (Alexis Chatrian), to replace the son Betty lost. Although she knows it's wrong, Betty accepts Jose as her new son. Meanwhile, Jose's mother Carole (Mathilde Seigner) is looking for her son with the help of her boyfriend, Francois (Luck Mervil), and some of his cohorts.

writer, mother, son, waitress, boyfriend, child, disturbing

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The Father of My Children (2009)

Grégoire's life seems perfect, he has a job as a film producer and a beautiful wife and child, but when Grégoire's financial and emotional reserves reach a breaking point his family's love and resilience is tested.

father, wife, daughter, sister, lawyer, film studio executive, brooding

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L'économie du couple (2016)

Marie and Boris decide to get a divorce after 15 years of marriage. Tensions rise when cash-strapped Boris must continue to live with Marie and the two children while trying to figure out how to divide the assets.

wife, husband, child, ex-partner, mother, father, amusing

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The Raven (1943)

Remy Germain (Pierre Fresnay) is a doctor in a French town who becomes the focus of a vicious smear campaign, as letters accusing him of having an affair and performing unlawful abortions are mailed to village leaders. The mysterious writer, who signs each letter as "Le Corbeau" (The Raven) soon targets the whole town, exposing everyone's dark secrets. This allegorical film was highly controversial at the time of its release, and was banned in France after the Liberation.

doctor, psychiatrist, nurse, patient, wife, bleak, brutal

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The Widow of Saint-Pierre (2000)

A soldier's (Daniel Auteuil) wife (Juliette Binoche) takes in a man (Emir Kusturica) found guilty of murder and turns him into a respected citizen, while awaiting the arrival of a guillotine.

prisoner, femme fatale, fisherman, military officer, dark, emotional, island

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La Femme Nikita (1990)

A French government agent (Tcheky Karyo) turns a Paris drug punk (Anne Parillaud) into a chic assassin whose skill is cued by her code name.

convict, junkie, assassin, man, love interest, thrilling, sultry

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Into Great Silence (2005)

Filmmaker Philip Gröning travels to the French Alps to document the daily lives and rituals of the Carthusian Order of monks.

filmmaker, monk, roman catholic, engaging, profound, incredible, french alps

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Dangerous Liaisons (1959)

Affairs strewn from Paris to the Alps disintegrate a couple's (Gérard Philipe, Jeanne Moreau) marriage.

husband, wife, beautiful woman, boyfriend, mistress, lover, passionate

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F for Fake (1973)

Truth and deception in art and life are explored by the filmmaker, including the work of art forger Elmyr de Hory.

writer, howard hughes, artist, forger, crafty, france, italy

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Mouchette (1967)

Young teen Mouchette (Nadine Nortier) faces hardships everywhere in her difficult life. Her father (Paul Hébert) is a cruel drunk who neglects her. Meanwhile, her mother (Marie Cardinal) lies ill, slowly dying. One day, fleeing a rainstorm, Mouchette comes across Arsène (Jean-Claude Guilbert), a poacher with a violent streak. He lets her take shelter in his cabin but then assaults her. Arsène even blackmails Mouchette to involve her in a cover-up for a crime he's committed.

teen girl, father, mother, poacher, warden, teacher, dark

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The Song of Bernadette (1943)

Based on the true story of a 19th-century peasant woman who claimed to see the Virgin Mary near her home in Lourdes.

saint, nun, priest, father, mother, emotional, melodramatic

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The Midwife (2017)

Claire is a tightly wound midwife who forms an unlikely friendship with Béatrice, her late father's free-spirited mistress. Though polar opposites, the two women come to rely on each other after Béatrice reveals that she has brain cancer.

midwife, father, single woman, son, sweetheart, mistress, moving

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Welcome (2009)

Stranded in France, a Kurdish refugee (Firat Ayverdi) takes swimming lessons as part of a plan to cross the English Channel.

teen boy, refugee, swimming instructor, wife, girlfriend, kurd, emotional

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Les Misérables: The Staged Concert (2019)

Seen by over 120 million people worldwide one of the world's most popular musicals. Now cinema audiences can experience a live broadcast of the musical phenomenon which broke box office records and sold out its entire 16-week season.

prisoner, prison guard, peasant, waif, innkeeper, love interest, spirited

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Mark of an Angel (2008)

An obsessive woman (Catherine Frot) believes that a 7-year-old (Héloïse Cunin) is her long-dead daughter.

mother, daughter, ex-husband, son, kidnapper, parent, dark

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