Fight Club(1999) Main Characters

1. The Narrator, Played by Edward Norton, Both the movie and the book are told from the perspective of the protagonist main character, called The Narrator in the movie script. The Narrator is meant to represent the average "Everyman" of modern society.

2. Tyler Durden, played by Edward Norton, is The Narrator's split personality. He was created by the perfect storm of the Narrator's insomnia-induced insanity and his frustration with a hollow life of wage-slavery and consumerism. He is the manifestation of the completely free person the Narrator wishes he could be.

3. Marla Singer, played by Helena Bonham Carter, Marla Singer might just be the biggest mystery of Fight Club. In a book filled with this much macho testosterone, it's no surprise that the sole female character is a huge enigma shrouded in cigarette smoke.

4. Robert Paulson, portrayed by Meat Loaf, He was a former bodybuilder, wrestler and creator of a chest expansion program. Due to his excessive use of steroids, he got testicular cancer. As a result of the cancer he had his testicles removed, due to a hormone imbalance he later developed gynecomastia - which The Narrator refers to as "bitch tits".

5. Angel Face, played by Jared Leto, A young man who joins Fight Club. He is ambitious in his commitment to Fight Club and later also to Project Mayhem. He suffers a vicious beating at the hands of the Narrator, leaving his once handsome face swollen and deformed.

6. Ricky, played by Eion Bailey, was one of the youngest members of Fight Club. He worked with The Narrator as an associate with the Federated Motor Corporation, but he had trouble remembering "whether [somebody] ordered pens with blue ink or black."

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