Jared Leto in the Movie Fight Club (1994)

Jared Leto played a minor role called Angel Face in the film Fight Club. Angel Face is one of the first to become the members of the "Project Mayhem", which is the third person to pass the entrance test to join the society. He successfully completed many terrorist activities and intimidation tasks, and became the second in command of Tyler.

The Narrator became so jealous of Angel Face that he challenged him at the club one night and carried out a brutal attack on Angel Face, he knocks this handsome man to the ground and begins to viciously pound his face, destroying it. Afterwards, he says "I Felt Like Destroying Something Beautiful", but he doesn’t feel better or relaxed.

Jared Leto in Fight Club (1999)

Jared Leto in Fight Club (1999) - Angel Face

After Angel Face came back, his face was swollen and scarred, that he was disfigured and no longer handsome. Angel Face never appeared again in the novel or the movie.

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