12 Best Movies like Fight Club - Schizophrenic & Murder Movies

Fight Club is perhaps the world's best movie about schizophrenia. It reflects humanity, as everyone can see themselves represented through Jack as well as Tyler Durden's shadow: those of us in life are Jack, enslaved by materialism, a tedious job and life, while life's dejection constrains our ability to breathe. However, we lack the ability to change and are still deluded into thinking that we can become Tyler Durden and want to do something that we are unable to do.

This movie is successful not only due to its plot, but mainly because of the director's editing and expression methods. The movie features various kinds of clues suggesting that Tyler and Jack are the same person, which is why this is an entertaining movie. 

We have gathered twelve movies that resemble Fight Club. Let's take a look at the following list:

1. Identity

A classic and fascinating suspenseful story: Ten people are staying in a motel, including a limousine driver, a prostitute, a has-been actress, newlyweds, police detective and a prisoner, along with the motel's mysterious manager. During a rainstorm, communication is cut off, and these ten people are trapped in the motel. A thrilling story starts…

2. The Machinist

Trevor Reznik (played by Christian Bale) is a machinist who works with bustling machines day after day, gradually causing him to waste away, and he even has severe problems during his sleep. This lasts for as long as one year, and Trevor becomes a strange person who cannot sleep. A series of strange things also begin to happen…

3. Skhizein

Everything in this movie begins with a 150-ton meteorite that strikes an antenna on the building across from the male protagonist Henry's apartment. Luckily, he is not injured. However, after this occurs, his world happens to be a distance of exactly 91 cm away from reality.

4. Session 9 

This is a suspense horror movie that was released in 2001. The movie mainly tells a suspenseful story that happens at the Danvers State Hospital in Danvers, Massachusetts.

5. Shutter Island

This movie tells the story of U.S. Marshal Edward Teddy Daniels who is instructed to visit an island to investigate a murderous mental institution. However, when he is there, he encounters many dangerous situations and confusing riddles.

6. The Three Faces of Eve 

Eve (played by Joanne Woodward) is an ordinary housewife who has suffered from depression, insomnia, and headaches for a long period of time. Finally, Eve decides to seek help from a doctor, and finds the psychologist Dr. Luther. She hopes to use his strength to help save her from her unfortunate situation…

7. American Psycho

This movie is adapted from a novel (with the same name) written by Bret Easton Ellis, and tells the story of a Wall Street investment banker who goes insane and murders people.

8. Secret Window 

This movie is adapted from a novella called Secret Window, Secret Garden written by Stephen King. It tells the story of Mort Rainey, who is a novelist that experiences two catastrophes: a painful marriage and writer's block.

9. Primal Fear

This movie is based on an adaptation of William Diehl's novel (with the same name), and tells the story of a frightening murder case that happened in Chicago and shocked the entire city. While the defense attorney Martin Vail is defending the suspect Aaron Stampler, Vail discovers the true story of Aaron's schizophrenia.

10. Hide and Seek

This movie tells the story of when, following his wife Alison's suicide, her husband Dr. David Callaway finds that his daughter Emily has started to have a ‘friend' named Charlie who exists only in her mind, and Charlie gradually starts to invade their lives.

11. Psycho

This movie tells the story of Marion Crane, who is killed by an insane person with schizophrenia. Afterwards, her younger sister Lila Crane and her boyfriend Sam Loomis are investigated by police. While the police investigate them, Lila and Sam ultimately uncover the truth behind the insane person's murder.

12. The Soloist 

This movie tells the story of a talented musician (Nathaniel Ayers) with schizophrenia who, with the assistance of Steve Lopez, rediscovers himself, and while these two spend time with each other, each of their lives undergo drastic changes. 

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