Highest-Rated Movies about 'Cigarette Girl'

Ninotchka (1939), No Time for Sergeants (1958), The Aviator (2004), Radio Days (1987), The Naked Kiss (1964), Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964), The Leopard Man (1943), A Song Is Born (1948) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Cigarette Girl movies.

#1. Ninotchka (1939)

Storyline: Only the royal suite at the grandest hotel in Paris has a safe large enough for the jewels of the Grand Duchess Swana. So the three Russians who have come to sell the jewels settle into the suite until a higher ranking official is dispatched to find out what is delaying the sale. She is Ninotchka, a no nonsense woman who fascinates Count Leon who had been the faithful retainer of the Grand Duchess. The Grand Duchess will give up all claim to the jewels if Ninotchka will fly away from the count.

Plot Keywords: screwball comedy, soviet union, moscow russia, culture clash, paris france, communism, defector ...

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#2. No Time for Sergeants (1958)

Storyline: Hillbilly, Will Stockdale, drafted into the United States' Air Force, combines crushing naivety, stubbornness, a completely literal mind, and amazing physical strength. Will the Air Force survive all the numerous experiences?—Rod Crawford <puffinus@u.washington.edu>

Plot Keywords: based on novel, airplane accident, farm, bar fight, missile, jumping from an airplane, bathroom ...

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#3. The Aviator (2004)

Storyline: Biopic of billionaire Howard Hughes, starting with his early filmmaking years as owner of R.K.O. Pictures, but mostly focusing on his role in designing and promoting new aircraft. Hughes was a risk-taker spending several fortunes on designing experimental aircraft and eventually founding TWA as a rival to Pan Am airlines owned by his great rival Juan Trippe. When Trippe's politico Senator Ralph Owen Brewster accuses Hughes of being a war profiteer, it's Hughes who gains the upper hand. Hughes also had many women in his life including a long relationship with Katharine Hepburn. From an early age, however, Hughes was also germophobic and would have severe bouts of mental illness.

Plot Keywords: obsessive compulsive disorder, film producer, test pilot, connecticut, california, world war two, playboy ...

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#5. The Naked Kiss (1964)

Storyline: Kelly, a prostitute, traumatised by an experience, referred to as 'The Naked Kiss,' by psychiatrists, leaves her past, and finds solace in the town of Grantville. She meets Griff, the police captain of the town, with whom she spends a romantic afternoon. Kelly finds a job as a nurse in a hospital for handicapped children. The work helps her find her sensitive side in the caring and helping of her young patients. Kelly's path towards happiness is thrown amiss, when she witnesses a shocking event, which threatens not just her happiness, but her mental health as well.—Alejandro Frias

Plot Keywords: pedophile, marriage proposal, pedophilia, hooker, social commentary, nurse, hospital ...

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#6. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (1964)

Storyline: Three different stories of Italian social mores are presented. In "Adelina", unemployed Carmine Sbaratti and his wife Adelina Sbaratti survive through Adelina selling black market cigarettes on the street. They are unable to pay for the furniture they bought (which is under Adelina's name), but are able to avoid the bailiff when he comes for the money or to repossess. They come up with a longer term solution to avoid Adelina being prosecuted for non-payment, but that solution has a profound effect on the family, especially Carmine. In "Anna", Anna Molteni, the spoiled wife of a successful businessman, and an artist named Renzo are on the cusp of an affair. Anna is feeling neglected in the marriage, as her husband seems more concerned about success and money than her. But a car accident shows both Anna and Renzo if an affair with each other is really what they want. In "Mara", Mara is a prostitute who works out of her apartment. She befriends Umberto, a young man visiting his grandparents who live in the adjacent apartment, the balconies of the two apartments which are adjoined. Umberto, a seminary student, seems to be attracted to Mara as a woman without really knowing what she does. Umberto's grandmother, who knows what Mara does, believes Umberto's seeming romantic infatuation with Mara will be his downfall. As Mara and Umberto's grandmother ultimately join forces to get Umberto to do the right thing in life, Augusto Rusconi, one of Mara's regular clients who is in town from Bologna, does whatever he can to get Umberto's family issues out of the way so that he can get on with his own wants with Mara.—Huggo

Plot Keywords: woman undressing, episodic structure, rome italy, actor playing multiple roles, actress playing multiple roles, naples italy, husband wife relationship ...

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#7. The Leopard Man (1943)

Storyline: At the encouragement of her manager, a nightclub performer in New Mexico (Kiki Walker) takes a leashed leopard into the club as a publicity gimmick. But her rival, angered by the attempt to upstage, scares the animal and it bolts. In the days that follow, people are mauled and the countryside is combed for the loose creature. But Kiki and her manager begin to wonder if maybe the leopard is not responsible for the killings.—Ken Yousten <kyousten@bev.net>

Plot Keywords: psychotronic film, gunfire, mexican american, minister, museum, police, press agent ...

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#8. A Song Is Born (1948)

Storyline: Gangster's moll Honey Swanson goes into hiding when her boyfriend is under investigation by the police. Where better to hide than a musical research institute staffed entirely by lonely bachelors? She gets more than she bargained for when the head of the institute Professor Hobart Frisbee starts to fall for her.—Col Needham <col@imdb.com>

Plot Keywords: remake by original director, falling in love, marriage proposal, engagement ring, diamond ring, recording session, reference to johannes brahms ...

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#9. Dangerous Blondes (1943)

Storyline: Mystery writer Barry Craig and his wife Jane prefer solving crimes to writing about them, and they get a chance when killings plague the fashion photography studio of Ralph McCormick. First, secretary Julie Taylor reports an attempt on her life in the photography darkroom. Then socialite Isabel Fleming is stabbed during a photo shoot. When the prime suspect apparently commits suicide, Police Inspector Joseph Clinton declares the case closed - but then there is another murder.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: actor shares first name with character, henchman, nightclub, actor shares last name with character, photographer, police officer, police detective ...

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#10. The Kid From Brooklyn (1946)

Storyline: Shy milkman Burleigh Sullivan accidentally knocks out drunken Speed McFarlane, a champion boxer who was flirting with Burleigh's sister. The newspapers get hold of the story and photographers even catch Burleigh knock out Speed again. Speed's crooked manager decides to turn Burleigh into a fighter. Burleigh doesn't realize that all of his opponents have been asked to take a dive. Thinking he really is a great fighter, Burleigh develops a swelled head which puts a crimp in his relationship with pretty nightclub singer Polly Pringle. He may finally get his comeuppance when he challenges Speed for the title.—Daniel Bubbeo <dbubbeo@cmp.com>

Plot Keywords: brooklyn new york city, horse, carrot, fired from the job, clothes ripped off, mob of reporters, black eye ...

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#11. Guest Wife (1945)

Storyline: Christopher Price, a small-town bank executive, continues to be loyal to and idolize his boyhood friend, Joseph Jefferson Parker, a famous war correspondent. But Chris's wife, Mary, is none to fond of Joe and tired of her husband's idolizing. On the eve of the Price's second-honeymoon trip to New York City, Joe arrives and tells Chris that he needs someone to pose as his wife in order to fool his boss in NYC, who thinks Joe got married to an overseas woman while on an assignment. Chris pushes Mary into posing as Joe's wife. In New York, this leads to many complications and misunderstandings, with Mary finally deciding to teach Chris and Joe a lesson by making them believe she is in love with Joe.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: independent film, investigation, jealous husband, messenger, mix up, newspaper editor, newspaper reporter ...

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#12. The Gangster (1947)

Storyline: Shubunka is the self-made head of the rackets in the sleazy boardwalk community of Neptune City, a low-rent version of Coney Island. He has become infatuated with a sultry nightclub chanteuse and lavishes her with gifts and attention, spending money on her that might better go to maintaining his hold on his operation. His obsession with her, as well as his pride, clouds his judgment as Cornell, a much more ruthless hoodlum, moves in on Shubunka's territory, bribes and threatens his associates, and compromises his operation. As if in a Greek tragedy, the petty gangster's weaknesses conspire to cause his downfall.—duke1029@aol.com

Plot Keywords: based on novel, new york city, pier, politician, politics, retribution, seduction ...

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#13. Do You Love Me? (1946)

Storyline: Katharine Hilliard, mousy dean of a stuffy music school, meets and is insulted by swing band leader Barry Clayton on a train. To "show" him she takes a friend's advice, removes her glasses, and puts on a designer gown. Naturally, she becomes gorgeous. Soon, both Barry and crooner Jimmy Hale are after her, and she finds herself in the midst of triangles and misunderstandings.—Rod Crawford <puffinus@u.washington.edu>

Plot Keywords: classical music, bartender, vindication, song in title, hotel desk clerk, cigarette smoking, musician ...

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#14. Our Man Flint (1966)

Storyline: The world's weather seems to have changed dramatically with violent storms everywhere and long dormant volcanoes suddenly erupting. No one is sure what is happening or why but when American intelligence chief Cramden loses yet another team of agents, there appears to be only one man who can do the job: Derek Flint, former super spy, incredibly rich and the ultimate ladies man. Despite Cramden's concerns, Flint is on the job and soon discovers that the Earth's weather is under the control of a secret organization known as GALAXY whose scientists are looking to pacify the world and devote humankind to scientific pursuits.—garykmcd

Plot Keywords: sabotage, avalanche, bikini, hedonism, karate, polygamy, safecracking ...

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#15. Tell It to the Judge (1949)

Storyline: Marsha Meredith, an attorney-at-law, is nominated for a Federal judgeship, but her nomination is opposed by a 'Good-Government' group who think her divorce makes her unfit for the job. This evolves into situations, happening in Florida, New England, Washington D.C. and the Adirondacks, such as the misunderstood husband trying to win back his wife, and the misunderstood wife trying to make her husband jealous, and one case of mistaken identity after another, after another.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: 1940s, high society, hotel lobby, hotel, jealousy, lawyer, maid ...

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