The Gangster (1947)

The Gangster (1947)

  • 6.6
  • 84 mins
  • Crime, Drama


Shubunka is the self-made head of the rackets in the sleazy boardwalk community of Neptune City, a low-rent version of Coney Island. He has become infatuated with a sultry nightclub chanteuse and lavishes her with gifts and attention, spending money on her that might better go to maintaining his hold on his operation. His obsession with her, as well as his pride, clouds his judgment as Cornell, a much more ruthless hoodlum, moves in on Shubunka's territory, bribes and threatens his associates, and compromises his operation. As if in a Greek tragedy, the petty gangster's weaknesses conspire to cause his downfall.—[email protected]

Short Review

Akim Tamiroff as an unscrupulous soda store proprietor gives what is perhaps the worst performance of his career. This is noted with regret, for Mr. Tamiroff is an actor with talent.


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