Another Time, Another Place (1958)

Another Time, Another Place (1958)

  • 5.8
  • 98 mins
  • Drama


An American war correspondent falls in love with a BBC reporter, but their relationship seems doomed from the start.

Short Review

Directed by Lewis Allen, who later worked on TV shows like The Fugitive, Mission: Impossible and Little House on the Prairie, this is a tragic wartime melodrama that had a future superstar just starting out up against a current female superstar who had come over to England to make this film. It does feel long, but it manages to have a good story. 1945, and BBC reporter Mark Trevor (Sean Connery) is covering the war in London, but he's also seeing American newspaper correspondent Sara Scott (Lana Turner). It ends with Sara being conflicted on whether to go with Mark, or stay with her current boyfriend Carter Reynolds (Barry Sullivan), who owns the newspaper she works at. She makes her mind up, and decides to go with Mark, who is assigned to go to Paris to cover the war, but he and several other reporters are killed when their plane crashes. Distraught, Sara goes to the village in Cornwall where Mark lives, and she ends up at the seaside cottage where he lived. By chance, she's taken in by Mark's widow Kay (Glynis Johns), who doesn't know that Mark had an affair while the war was on. It's a tragic love story, but Turner gives a good performance and the locations used are lovely, and it's got an interesting cast as well, Sid James appears as an American reporter, while Raymond Burr makes a quick cameo and so does John Le Mesurier.