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Dirty God (2019), The Long Good Friday (1980), Amanda (2018), The Lodger (1927), Page Eight (2011), Pandora's Box (1929), Before the Rain (1994), Life Is Sweet (1991) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best London movies.

Dirty God (2019)

A young mother tries to reclaim her life after an acid attack leaves her severely scarred.

young woman, mother, powerful, profound, london, morocco, violence against women

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The Long Good Friday (1980)

A Cockney crime czar (Bob Hoskins) and his mistress (Helen Mirren) answer a threat on the eve of his big deal with a U.S. mobster (Eddie Constantine).

crime boss, girlfriend, mobster, intense, suspenseful, london, car

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Amanda (2018)

When 20-year-old David's elder sister is brutally killed in an attack, he takes charge of his 7-year-old niece, Amanda.

brother, sister, niece, mother, murder victim, friend, brooding

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The Lodger (1927)

When a landlady (Marie Ault) and her husband (Arthur Chesney) take in a new lodger (Ivor Novello), they're overjoyed: He's quiet, humble and pays a month's rent in advance. But his mysterious and suspicious behavior soon has them wondering if he's the killer terrorizing local blond girls. Their daughter, Daisy (June), a cocky model, is far less concerned, her attraction obvious. Her police-detective boyfriend (Malcolm Keen), in a pique of jealousy, seeks to uncover the lodger's true identity.

lodger, landlady, husband, daughter, detective, witness, dark

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Page Eight (2011)

Johnny (Bill Nighy), a long-serving member of MI5, finds a mysterious file after his mentor (Michael Gambon) dies.

spy, officer, best friend, boss, suspenseful, cheeky, charming

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Pandora's Box (1929)

G.W. Pabst's account of a young woman's downfall emphasizes years of her catering to her sexual appetite.

sexy woman, publisher, circus performer, theatrical producer, friend, creepy, intricate

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Before the Rain (1994)

This acclaimed Macedonian drama presents intersecting romantic storylines set both in that country and abroad. A young monk named Kiril (Grégoire Colin) becomes involved with Zamira (Labina Mitevska), an Albanian girl accused of murder, while far away in London, Aleksander (Rade Serbedzija), a weary photojournalist, meets with his married lover, Anne (Katrin Cartlidge). When Aleksander returns to his Macedonian village, his life crosses paths with characters from earlier in the film.

monk, fugitive, girl, photojournalist, lover, emotional, passionate

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Life Is Sweet (1991)

The working-class malaise of suburban London is captured in this comedic drama, which focuses on twin sisters Natalie (Claire Skinner) and Nicola (Jane Horrocks) and their parents: easygoing Andy (Jim Broadbent) and his optimistic wife, Wendy (Alison Steadman). While Natalie has a plumbing job, and tends to take after her mom with her bright outlook, Nicola is on the dole and perpetually dwells on the negative. Will the cloud over Nicola's head ever lift?

father, mother, twin, sister, cook, plumber, cheeky

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King Lear (2018)

King Lear divides his kingdom among his three daughters -- Goneril, Regan and Cordelia. The kingdom and family soon collapse into chaos and warfare as Lear goes mad and tragedy strikes.

king, creative, bleak, kingdom, london, allegiance, inheritance

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Death Line (1972)

A police inspector (Donald Pleasence) discovers that descendants of survivors of a cave-in in the early 1900s are eating London subway riders.

government official, passenger, survivor, gory, frightening, frenetic, shocking

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All You Need Is Cash (1978)

This seminal mockumentary satirizes the career of the Beatles via a fictional pop group called the Rutles. Commonly known as the "Pre-Fab Four," Barry Wom, Dirk McQuickly, Stig O'Hara and Ron Nasty are a gang of mop-topped goofballs from Liverpool, England, whose songs bewitch the entire world. But between hits like "Cheese and Onions" and "Doubleback Alley," the group ultimately implodes, leading to a bitter public breakup.

rock star, manager, girlfriend, artist, creative, hilarious, witty

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Benjamin (2018)

A rising young filmmaker is thrown into emotional turmoil by a burgeoning romance and the upcoming premiere of his second feature.

filmmaker, young man, amusing, brooding, charming, endearing, heartwarming

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Honeytrap (2014)

Layla, a 15-year-old living in Brixton, becomes involved with a gang and must set up a boy to be killed.

teen girl, gang leader, gang member, teen boy, bully, bleak, brutal

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Jane Austen's Emma (1996)

While matchmaking for friends and neighbors, a young 19th-century Englishwoman (Kate Beckinsale) nearly misses her own chance at love.

young woman, matchmaker, lover, vicar, friend, engaging, amusing

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The Secret Policeman's Other Ball (1981)

Footage from two benefits includes skits, Eric Clapton, Sting, Jeff Beck, Phil Collins, Pete Townshend.

actor, comedian, rock star, eric clapton, sting, hysterical, heartwarming

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Sid & Nancy (1986)

Sid Vicious (Gary Oldman) of the punk-rock Sex Pistols self-destructs with girlfriend Nancy Spungen (Chloe Webb).

bassist, singer, girlfriend, drug addict, manager, amusing, shocking

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The Servant (1963)

A crafty and obnoxious manservant uses his mistress and his wits to gain supremacy over his wealthy employer.

servant, aristocrat, lover, maid, intricate, suspenseful, uneasy

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Dracula: Pages From a Virgin's Diary (2002)

Dracula (Zhang Wei-Qiang) searches for women while trying to elude a vampire hunter (David Moroni) in 1897 England.

vampire, virgin, van helsing, vampire hunter, real estate broker, fiancée, creepy

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Love Among the Ruins (1974)

An aging actress and socialite, Jessica Medlicott (Katharine Hepburn) has ended her engagement with a younger man and is now being sued by her former fiancé. Esteemed barrister Sir Arthur Glanville-Jones (Laurence Olivier) is assigned to represent Jessica in the lawsuit, and he also happens to be an old suitor of hers from decades earlier. While Jessica claims not to remember him, and Arthur still smarts from her earlier rejection, the two form a close bond during the case.

actress, aristocrat, barrister, suitor, ex-lover, amusing, witty

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The Caretaker (1964)

A London bum (Donald Pleasence) becomes a pawn for a night in the home of two brothers (Alan Bates, Robert Shaw).

homeless person, brother, handicapped, brooding, amusing, offbeat, house

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Secret Agent (1936)

The British pose two amateurs (John Gielgud, Madeleine Carroll) as spouses and send them to Switzerland to kill a German spy.

agent, assassin, partner, american, spy, dark, tense

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Spider (2002)

Haunted by his childhood, a psychotic loner (Ralph Fiennes) has difficulty after his release from a mental institution.

mental patient, schizophrenic, father, mother, mistress, friend, disturbing

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Snatch (2000)

Unscrupulous boxing promoters, violent bookmakers, a Russian gangster, incompetent amateur robbers and supposedly Jewish jewelers fight to track down a priceless stolen diamond.

boxer, gangster, jeweler, thief, casino owner, pawnbroker, frenetic

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Carry on Spying (1964)

A British spy (Kenneth Williams) and his pupils are sent to recover a secret formula stolen by an agent of STENCH.

spy, agent, scientist, criminal, airy, amusing, hilarious

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The Small Back Room (1949)

Brilliant but tormented bomb expert Sammy Rice (David Farrar) works for the British government during World War II, but his increasingly problematic alcoholism and a recent injury threaten his ability to work.

scientist, assistant, military officer, alcoholic, girlfriend, patriotic, emotional

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The Royal Ballet (1960)

Filmed on the stage of London's Covent Garden. Includes extracts from Swan lake, Ondine & The Firebird.

ballerina, dancer, prince, mermaid, bird, partner, emotional

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An Evening With the Royal Ballet (1964)

Documentary about the Royal Ballet. Includes selections from "Les Sylphides" and "The Sleeping Beauty".

rudolf nureyev, ballerina, partner, poet, charming, spectacular, theater

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Don't Go Breaking My Heart (1999)

A dentist (Charles Dance) and a sports instructor (Anthony Edwards) vie for the affections of a 30-ish widow (Jenny Seagrove) with two children.

dentist, widow, amusing, london, misunderstanding, heart, hypnosis

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Pure (2017)

A Mennonite pastor battles drug trafficking issues within his community.

young boy, junkie, mother, waitress, pregnant woman, pimp, gritty

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A Merry War (1997)

A copywriter (Richard E. Grant) leaves his job in 1930s London and struggles to make a living as a poet.

poet, girlfriend, sister, publisher, former boss, landlady, amusing

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