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Jeune femme (2017), Dirty God (2019), Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (2017), Love Letter (1995), Watermarks (2004), A Regular Woman (2019), Grass (2018), A Serial Killer's Guide to Life (2019) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Young Woman movies.

Jeune femme (2017)

Left by Joachim, an artist with whom she shared her life for 10 years, Paula finds herself wandering the streets of Paris, lonely and fixated.

young woman, frenchwoman, city girl, friend, love interest, colleague, uplifting

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Dirty God (2019)

A young mother tries to reclaim her life after an acid attack leaves her severely scarred.

young woman, mother, powerful, profound, london, morocco, violence against women

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Hagazussa: A Heathen's Curse (2017)

In the 15th century, a young goatherd living alone in a mountain hut feels a dark presence in the woods.

young woman, mother, dead person, witch, child, friend, suspenseful

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Love Letter (1995)

Despite the years that have passed, Hiroko Watanabe (Miho Nakayama) is still grieving the death of her fiancé, who died unexpectedly while climbing a mountain. When Hiroko discovers her deceased lover's childhood address, she impulsively writes to him, and is shocked to receive a letter in reply. However, the note's author is Itsuki Fujii (also Nakayama), a young woman who shares the same name as Hiroko's late boyfriend. As the two women exchange letters, they begin an unusual relationship.

young woman, fiancé, stranger, emotional, touching, japan, mountain

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Watermarks (2004)

Taking its name from the Hebrew word for strength, the Hakoah Vienna sports club produced a host of talented female swimmers, who thrived in opposition to anti-Semitic trends that began to color Austrian society in the early 20th century. The club was a casualty of Hitler's rise to power in the 1930s, but several of the women who were team members went on to live long, colorful lives. Now senior citizens, they're reunited in this documentary about sports, survival and bravery.

swimmer, young woman, nazi, elderly woman, teammate, holocaust survivor, profound

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A Regular Woman (2019)

A German woman of Turkish descent struggles to achieve the life she wants. Faced by opposition and threats from her family, she leaves.

young woman, family, husband, abusive husband, father, turkish man, engaging

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Grass (2018)

A young woman working on her laptop in a cafe overhears three dramatic stories unfolding through nearby conversations.

writer, older man, young woman, couple, customer, filmmaker, intricate

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A Serial Killer's Guide to Life (2019)

A self-help addict takes a road trip with a life coach who happens to be a deranged serial killer.

addict, young woman, serial killer, brash, engaging, gripping, gutsy

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Tabu (1931)

A young woman (Anna Chevalier) and a pearl fisherman (Matahi) fall in love and flee from their island.

young man, love interest, messenger, chief, young woman, bar owner, dreamy

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Metalhead (2013)

A grief-stricken young woman adopts the persona of her deceased brother.

young woman, brother, child, emotional, iceland, music, hope

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My Life to Live (1962)

Twelve tableaux tell the story of a Parisian (Anna Karina), separated from her husband (Monique Messine), who decides to become a prostitute.

young woman, prostitute, ex-husband, pimp, love interest, philosopher, somber

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Cold Hell (2017)

A woman witnesses a murder and is stalked by the killer who wants to silence her.

taxi driver, young woman, turkish woman, killer, murder victim, investigator, engaging

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Beyond the Hills (2012)

Two young women grow up together in an orphanage. One finds refuge in a Romanian convent and the other moves to Germany to start a new life.

orphan, best friend, nun, german, romanian, young woman, engaging

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The Prayer (2018)

In a bid to beat his habit, a young drug addict elects to join a community of former addicts living in isolation in a remote mountain community.

hermit, friend, young man, young woman, heroin addict, bleak, touching

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Arisan! (2003)

An architect (Tora Sudiro) falls for a television producer (Surya Saputra), while trying to keep his homosexuality secret.

gay man, young woman, interior decorator, architect, divorcée, boyfriend, amusing

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Jane Austen's Emma (1996)

While matchmaking for friends and neighbors, a young 19th-century Englishwoman (Kate Beckinsale) nearly misses her own chance at love.

young woman, matchmaker, lover, vicar, friend, engaging, amusing

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Cutterhead (2018)

A woman has to overcome claustrophobic conditions when she visits a tunnel boring machine.

young woman, man, intense, emotional, disturbing, touching, profound

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The Girl on the Bridge (1999)

One chilly night, on a Paris bridge, a girl leans out over the Seine with tears in her eyes, contemplating the icy waters below. Suddenly, a stranger with a penetrating gaze emerges out of the darkness, a man who will change her life. It is Gabor, a once brilliant but now fading performer in need of a partner. He has set his sights on this luckless but oddly alluring Adele, a girl with nowhere to go who is shifting nervously on the edge of a decision.

young woman, performance artist, stranger, groom, love interest, sultry, disheartening

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The Surprise (2015)

A rich man signs a contract to end his life. While picking out his coffin, he meets a young woman doing the same thing, and they instantly fall in love with each other. Trouble ensues when they both try to get out of their contracts.

eccentric, millionaire, young woman, love interest, amusing, witty, campy

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Possession (1981)

A young woman (Isabelle Adjani) forsakes her husband (Sam Neill) and her lover for a tentacled creature.

young woman, husband, son, teacher, lover, creature, eerie

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Black Rain (1988)

Five years after World War II, Hiroshima's survivors still struggle with the memories of their horrible ordeal.

young woman, uncle, aunt, poor person, survivor, bleak, touching

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Night Tide (1961)

A sailor (Dennis Hopper) falls in love with a sideshow mermaid (Linda Lawson) who believes she really is a mermaid.

sailor, young woman, captain, mermaid, boss, femme fatale, suspenseful

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These Are the Damned (1962)

An American man (Macdonald Carey) and an Englishwoman (Shirley Anne Field) discover genetically engineered children who can survive a nuclear war.

american man, child, scientist, prisoner, captor, young woman, bleak

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Koshish (1972)

A speech and hearing-impaired couple persists through unforgiving obstacles to be accepted by society and live a life of dignity.

young man, young woman, son, mother, sister, amusing, hilarious

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Raw Deal: A Question of Consent (2001)

Filmmaker Billy Corben looks at the circumstances leading up to an alleged rape at a college fraternity house. Actual footage shot the night of the party is shown, the same footage that was used to persuade the police not to press charges in the case.

frat boy, young woman, police officer, lawyer, fascinating, uneasy, university

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Chaos (2001)

A businessman (Vincent Lindon) and his wife (Catherine Frot) refuse to help a desperate prostitute (Rachida Brakni) on the run from a gang of thugs.

prostitute, husband, wife, pimp, young woman, algerian, engaging

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Trust (1990)

High school dropout Maria Coughlin (Adrienne Shelly) is having a rough time of it on Long Island. Her father recently died of a heart attack, her boyfriend has left her and she's pregnant. To make matters even worse, her mother has now kicked her out of the house. But when electronics genius Matthew Slaughter (Martin Donovan) comes into her life, things start to brighten up for Maria. Sure, he's unemployed and a little unhinged, but together they just might have a chance.

young woman, pregnant woman, boyfriend, eccentric, unemployed person, mother, witty

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Somebody Up There Likes Me (1956)

A youth turns his rebellious nature into a successful ring career in this fact-based portrait of boxer Rocky Graziano.

boxer, trainer, young woman, mother, inmate, father, brooding

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303 (2018)

Two university students gain insight into life and love as they get to know each other during a road trip across Europe.

young man, driver, traveler, young woman, student, melodramatic, touching

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Warrior (2011)

The youngest son of an alcoholic former boxer returns home, where he's trained by his father for competition in a mixed martial arts tournament - a path that puts the fighter on a collision course with his estranged, older brother.

parrot, young woman, bulldog, love interest, smuggler, amusing, engaging

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