Highest-Rated Movies about 'Hedonistic', Sort by Popularity

Blame It on Fidel (2006), Beware of a Holy Whore (1971), Monday (2000), The Body Snatcher (1945), The Seven Five (2014), I Served the King of England (2006), La Dolce Vita (1960), A Simple Wedding (2018) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Hedonistic movies.

#3. Monday (2000)

Storyline: Salaryman Koichi (Shinichi Tsutsumi) awakens one Monday morning with a terrible hangover and no memory of how he got where he is. He struggles to piece together the events of the previous weekend, first discovering evidence that he was at a funeral, which ended very badly. He remembers that things started to get really strange after he met Shingo (Hideki Noda), a barroom fortuneteller, and they became downright dangerous after he befriended Yuko (Yasuko Matsuyuki), a gangster's beautiful moll.

Plot Keywords: girlfriend, fortuneteller, gangster, moll, japanese man, dreamy, wild ...

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#9. Head-On (2004)

Storyline: In 'Gegen die Wand' Cahit, a 40-something male from Mersin in Turkey has removed everything Turkish from his life. He has become an alcoholic drug addict and at the start of the movie wants to end it all. Sibel a 20-something female from Hamburg wishes to please her Turkish parents yet yearns for freedom. She has had her nose broken by her brother for being seen holding hands with a boy and yet she can not break her mother's heart and run away. She too attempts suicide and she first approaches Cahit there at the Hospital. Sibel asks Cahit to marry her, as she believes this to be the way out of her parent's house. She promises Cahit that their relationship will be like roommates, not like a married couple. The film follows Sibel and Cahit as they get married, become closer and eventually fall in love.

Plot Keywords: janitor, turkish man, woman, father, brother, newlywed, gritty ...

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#12. Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson (2008)

Storyline: Fueled by a raging libido, Wild Turkey, and superhuman doses of drugs, Thompson was a true "free lance, " goring sacred cows with impunity, hilarity, and a steel-eyed conviction for writing wrongs. Focusing on the good doctor's heyday, 1965 to 1975, the film includes clips of never-before-seen (nor heard) home movies, audiotapes, and passages from unpublished manuscripts.—Anonymous

Plot Keywords: writer, interviewer, johnny depp, fan, critic, gripping, hedonistic ...

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#13. The Last Emperor (1987)

Storyline: This sweeping account of the life of Pu-Yi, the last emperor of China, follows the leader's tumultuous reign. After being captured by the Red Army as a war criminal in 1950, Pu-Yi recalls his childhood from prison. He remembers his lavish youth in the Forbidden City, where he was afforded every luxury but unfortunately sheltered from the outside world and complex political situation surrounding him. As revolution sweeps through China, the world Pu-Yi knew is dramatically upended.

Plot Keywords: emperor, servant, gardener, tutor, peasant, war criminal, engaging ...

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#14. Thank You for Smoking (2005)

Storyline: The chief spokesperson and lobbyist Nick Naylor is the Vice President of the Academy of Tobacco Studies. He is talented in speaking and spins arguments to defend the cigarette industry in the most difficult situations. His best friends are Polly Bailey that works in the Moderation Council in alcohol business, and Bobby Jay Bliss of the gun business own advisory group SAFETY. They frequently meet each other in a bar and they self-title the M.O.D. Squad, a.k.a. Merchants of Death, disputing which industry has killed more people. Nick's greatest enemy is Vermont's Senator Ortolan Finistirre, who defends in the Senate the use of a skull and crossbones on cigarette packs. Nick's son Joey Naylor lives with his mother, and has the chance to know his father in a business trip. When the ambitious reporter Heather Holloway betrays Nick disclosing confidences he had in bed with her, his life turns upside-down. But Nick is good in what he does for the mortgage.

Plot Keywords: lobbyist, reporter, son, senator, mother, cheeky, hedonistic ...

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#15. Blow (2001)

Storyline: A boy named George Jung grows up in a struggling family in the 1950's. His mother nags at her husband as he is trying to make a living for the family. It is finally revealed that George's father cannot make a living and the family goes bankrupt. George does not want the same thing to happen to him, and his friend Tuna, in the 1960's, suggests that he deal marijuana. He is a big hit in California in the 1960's, yet he goes to jail, where he finds out about the wonders of cocaine. As a result, when released, he gets rich by bringing cocaine to America. However, he soon pays the price.

Plot Keywords: drug lord, wife, friend, pablo escobar, father, cool, bleak ...

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