Who is Allen Greene from the Movie Shawshank Redemption?

Allen Greene & the Director Frank Darabont

Allen Greene was Darabont's first agent and good friend. They collaborated together for many years. In the production process of The Shawshank Redemption, Greene put forth a lot of effort to help Darabont. As his agent, Greene lobbied and funded for Darabont. It can be said that this movie would not have been as successful without Allen Greene s contributions.

The film ends with a tribute saying IN MEMORY OF ALLEN GREENE. He died of AIDS just before this movie release, which made the director feel a sense of regret. The director, Frank Darabont, wanted to include this tribute to honor his friend who worked hard for the film industry, and hoped that he could rest in peace.

It is quite important to note that Frank cherished Allen greatly as a friend. Other than being companions, they were close friends and they would work together on numerous things. The Shawshank Redemption was also a project on which both of them working.  However, Allen could not live to see the success of the movie. He had collapsed before the completion of the movie.

Allen Greene's Bio

Allen Greene graduated from North Greene High School in White Hall, IL in 1971. The name of the county and the school district are named specifically from the Greene family and it was this family from which he descended. He had a significant passion and interest in making movies. Allen, in his high school, owned a camera and even then, he was making movies with his friends. He had a significant interest regarding working in the film sector.

In real-life, Allen Greene was a basketball and baseball athlete, who also served or worked as a director for the one University of Buffalo. He was born in Washington and that is where he completed his schooling. Allen shifted to a number of cities later on for his baseball passion.

Some Questions about The Shawshank Redemption

The Shawshank Redemption is generally recognised as one of the best movies ever produced. The take of Frank Darabont on the stop was quite an inspirational tale of perseverance and hope.

What are the differences between the novella and the film?

1. The Shawshank Redemption is based on the Stephen King novella Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption, which is included in the novella collection Different Seasons, subtitled Hope Springs Eternal.
2. In the novella, Tommy does not die, but Warden Norton convinces him to stop helping Andy. In the film, Tommy is shot by Warden Norton.
3. In the novella, Warden Norton and Captain Hadley are not captured. Andy actually spends 27 years in prison, and three wardens were in charge during that time.
4. The $370,000 that Andy gets after he escapes from prison does not belong to Warden Norton, but is Andy’s assets that he deposited before he is sent to prison. The film also omits an important figure - Andy's best friend outside the prison, who helps Andy keep his assets.
5. In the novella, Andy has a roommate. This roommate’s presence delays his escape plan and increases the possibility that someone would discover it, causing Andy to constantly live in fear. He does not talk to his roommate and does not get along well with him. Andy works hard so the Warden can get him an individual cell.
6. Finally, in the novella, Andy is actually a short and handsome guy.

Frank Darabont & Stephen King

Frank Darabont & Stephen King

Is it practical to dig with a small hammer for 20 years and then escape?

Firstly, from the beginning to the end of the movie, Andy lives on the third floor on the prison's north side, and Red lives not far from him. This situation demonstrates that this prison’s rules involve living in the same room throughout the entire sentence without any arbitrary transfers.
Secondly, as Andy passes the Warden’s first random cell inspection, Andy begins to help him with a money laundering scheme. Andy is very useful for the Warden, so he is very lenient with Andy. This increases the probability that Andy’s cell would not get closely checked during inspections. Even if the Warden has to go into Andy’s cell to chat, the poster covering the hole that Andy makes would have been put there with the Warden’s consent and would be unlikely to attract attention.
Thirdly and most importantly: geology, which is explained in the movie. The ice age and time would cause the originally hard stone to gradually deteriorate. Andy digs up a stone, grinds it in his hand, and turns it into tiny pieces.
Therefore, Andy can dig through the wall with a hammer, depending on favoritism, luck, and knowledge. In reality, if Andy has all of these qualities, he can realistically accomplish this goal within 20 years.

the solution is within

In 1995, The Shawshank Redemption lost an Academy Award to Forrest Gump. Why?

The Best Picture winner at the Oscars each year is not necessarily the best movie. Many factors go into winning a Best Picture Oscar, such as the time period, current social climate, box office, studio advertising, director, and many others.
First of all, the Oscars have always paid a limited amount of attention to realistic subject matter, and are hesitant to focus on topics that describe and expose dark aspects of American society. In the 1990s, the optimistic, warm-hearted, and mainstream Forrest Gump was naturally a more appropriate movie than a gloomy and depressing one such as The Shawshank Redemption, which emphasized shrewd and strategic characters.
Secondly, the Oscars seem to have a particular preference for unusual characters such as intellectually disabled people. The title character in Forrest Gump is a prominent example of this type of individual.
Thirdly, Forrest Gump’s description of an intellectually disabled person's life uses a unique perspective to review major events in twentieth-century American history. Forrest Gump most accurately reflects the popular impression of the American Dream, while Oscar voters love the idea of a film that looks back on an entire period of modern American history.

Forrest Gump

Why does Red not get approved for release so many times, but finally get it?

We can observe his expression when he faces the judge during each of his three hearings.
The first time he looks away and appears nervous and hesitant. This is not because he lacks remorse for his crime, but because he is afraid of the legal system and feels that he has to act carefully. However, his lack of confidence may have caused the judge to doubt whether he is sincere.
The second time, his expression is more relaxed and his voice is more natural, but his eyes are still looking away. He is not brave enough to look the judge in the eye.
However, the last time, he is completely free of fear, and you can see him looking directly at the judge, not glancing away for a single moment, and his voice is firm and direct. Andy not only convinces him to have hope but also teaches him how to act with courage. At that moment, he is a sincere man, so the judge believes him.

Morgan Freeman in the Shawshank Redemption

Why would Andy's wife cheat on him, even though he is such an elegant, courageous, and perseverant man?

After a month in prison, Andy does not familiarize himself with the other inmates, which means he likes to progress at a slow pace. He says he loves his wife, but can’t express it clearly. However, his wife is supposed to actively express her emotions and demonstrate enthusiasm. It may be that Andy can’t effectively interact with her, as she prefers an enthusiastic husband. She may feel that he is ignoring her, which may be why she decides to date someone else.
Andy is a man who is devoted to his career. After his marriage, he focuses most of his energy into his career. Women want a lot of care and love from men, and the golf pro can give her romance, passion, and praise, making her feel young and beautiful.

Which moments in the movie made you cry?

Scene One: When Andy plays opera music in the Warden's office. When Andy listens to the music while sitting in the Warden's chair with a smile on his face, he experiences a brief and long-lost feeling of freedom. Another aspect of this scene is when the inmates in the prison yard are looking up to the sky and feeling that the brief moment when this music is playing gives them a glimmer of hope for freedom.

Scene Two: When Brooks hangs himself. Some of those in the prison want to get out. However, he is different since he has been there for 50 years and is already used to its environment. When he leaves prison, it is worse than when he went in there as a young man. It is hard to watch him struggling as an old man in a strange world.

Scene Three: When Andy comes out of the sewer with his arms outstretched in the rain. At that moment, the pain he has suffered from his wrongful imprisonment finally ends, and the emotions that he has suppressed for a long time are released.

Scene Four: When Red finds Andy in the city of Zihuatanejo on Mexico’s Pacific coast after crossing the US-Mexico border. At this point, they finally break through the darkness and can live out their dream of pursuing personal freedom.

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