Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993)

Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja (1993)

  • 4.9
  • 190 mins
  • Action, Drama


Custom Officer, Verma red-handily catches Jagmohan Lal alias Jugran, smuggling price-less diamonds through India's airport. Before Verma could arrest him; he is killed by Jugran who then murder doctor, Ashok Soni and his look-alike twin brother, Manmohan Lal. Verma's son, Ramesh and Ashok's daughter, Seema are then orphan and is confined in an orphanage where they befriend each other. They are separated when Seema is adopted by a kind-heart-ed couple while Ramesh runs away from the orphanage and is adopted by an expert robber, Girdharilal. Girdharilal teaches Ramesh every tricks of a robber's trade and years later he is an expert safe-breaker much better than Girdharilal. Ramesh then changes his name to Romeo, reunites with Seema and together they work for Jugran - who now has two identities - as well respected Manmohan Lal, who is known to everyone while his men knows him as gangster, Jugran. Seema and Romeo must awake themselves to stop working for their dad's killer and take swift action on him.—gavin (

Short Review

Satish Kaushik knows how to entertain the Public! A really great Bollywood Musical. It was more comedy than a Drama. I liked the Scene which was imitated from the Movie of Mehmood and Yoghita Bali. "Kuwara Baap"It is really a funny Scene. Where SriDevi makes a huge Drama just like Joghita Bali in "Kuwaara Baap" and assaults Anil Kapoor to be her Husband and neglected her just to get that Diamond Necklace they both stole. lolOne should see this Movie. One of the great piece of Candy from "Kapoor Production"


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