On the Fiddle (1961)

On the Fiddle (1961)

  • 4.4
  • 97 mins
  • Comedy


Horace Pope (Alfred Lynch) is just an everyday street peddler when the authorities pick him up for practicing his trade. Not wanting to go to jail, Pope invents a story about enlisting in the military, which convinces the judge to send him to the Royal Air Force instead of prison. Since it happens to be during World War II, Pope pulls every scheme and scam he can -- with the help of his new soldier friend, Pedlar Pascoe (Sean Connery) -- to avoid actual work, but he can't shirk his duty forever.

Short Review

A pre-Bond Connery plays a bit of a simpleton is this quirky British comedy. It's more a series of sketches rather than a complete film with Lynch (the main character) and Connery involved in a series of cons during WW2. They make a great double act and they're supported by some great British comedy talent. The film takes an uneasy turn to the dramatic towards the end but up till then it's an enjoyable (although slight) comedy.


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