Raiders of Old California (1957)

Raiders of Old California (1957)

  • 5.6
  • 72 mins
  • Western


Following the Mexican-American War, a small group of discharged U. S. Cavalrymen, led by Angus McKane (Jim Davis), stays on in California after the war and, through treachery, seizes a Spanish land grant, thereby gaining control of a vast area of what became the states of Arizona and California.—Les Adams

Short Review

Set in California in the mid-1850s, a Mexican homesteader Captain Miguel Sebastian decides to stop suffering in silence after an American military man takes his land and claims it as his own. This fight between good and evil is as exciting as B-westerns get, with impressive gunfights and horseback chases as well as the interesting perspective of the good guys being the Mexicans and the bad guys being American.


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