Highest-Rated Movies about 'Sword Fighter', Sort by Popularity

InuYasha the Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler (2003), Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (1984), Gintama: The Movie (2010), Death Duel (1977), Last Knights (2015), Blood: The Last Vampire (2009), Sword of the Valiant (1984), Revenge of the Musketeers (1994) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Sword Fighter movies.

#4. Death Duel (1977)

Storyline: The Third Master (Erh Tung Sheng, aka Derek Yee, in the role that launched his career) is considered to be the greatest sword master of the day. His displays of skill and strength bring armies of challengers to his door, seeking the title for themselves. Not to be defeated, the Third Master fights evil, saves damsels in distress, and duels rival swordsmen to the death.—Ananymous

Plot Keywords: sword fighter, hero, thrilling, suspenseful, sultry, striking, spirited ...

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#6. Blood: The Last Vampire (2009)

Storyline: In 1970, the four hundred year-old skilled samurai Saya is sent to the Kanto High School in an American military base in Tokyo by the Council, a secret society that has been hunting vampires for centuries. Saya has the appearance of a teenager but is the tormented half-breed creature with the soul of her human father and the powers and need of blood of her vampire mother. She is obsessed to face the powerful demon Onigen that killed her father. In the base, Saya saves Alice McKee, who is the daughter of General McKee and commander of the base, from the attack of several vampires. When General McKee is killed by a member of the Council, Alice runs to the hotel where Saya is lodged. They join forces and go to the countryside to chase Onigen.

Plot Keywords: teen girl, vampire, sword fighter, half-vampire, daughter, undercover agent, thrilling ...

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#7. Sword of the Valiant (1984)

Storyline: Gawain was a squire in King Arthur's court when the Green Knight burst in and offered to play a game with a brave knight. No knights stand to defend their king's honor. Except for the valiant Gawain. After being quickly knighted Gawain plays the game, but learns that it's all a trick, and he has lost. But the Green Knight shows mercy, letting Gawain grow a year older before having to face the consequences. Gawain journeys across the land, learning about life, saving damsels, and solving the Green Knight's riddle.—Sean Kilby and Jason Parker <[email protected]>

Plot Keywords: knight, king arthur, fighter, sword fighter, king, man, engaging ...

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#8. Revenge of the Musketeers (1994)

Storyline: Eloïse (Sophie Marceau) finds her quiet religious pursuits interrupted when men working for the brutal Duke of Crassac (Claude Rich) burst into the convent and kill her mentor, Mother Superior (Pascale Roberts). Through her investigation, she discovers that a coup had been planned. With the help of Quentin (Nils Tavernier) -- a bumbling bard who is mightier with pen than sword -- Eloïse embarks on a quest to alert her father, D'Artagnan (Philippe Noiret), and the legendary musketeers.

Plot Keywords: knight, fighter, sword fighter, swordsman, father, daughter, airy ...

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