Highest-Rated Movies about 'Science', Sort by Popularity

Under the Sea (2009), Dolphins (2000), Forces of Nature (2004), Adventures in Wild California (2000), Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959), Bugs! (2003), Moon (2009), Mission Blue (2014) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Science movies.

#3. Forces of Nature (2004)

Storyline: Examining three common natural disasters and the scientists who study them, this documentary begins on the Caribbean island of Montserrat during a 1995 volcano explosion, where scientist Dr. Marie Edmonds explains her research on how to predict future eruptions. A deadly 1999 Turkish earthquake that killed more than 17,000 people is also discussed by a geophysicist, and finally a team of tornado chasers is followed as they endanger their lives in the name of research.

Plot Keywords: scientist, storm chaser, narrator, survivor, spectacular, thrilling, turkey ...

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#4. Adventures in Wild California (2000)

Storyline: A virtual expedition that sends audiences careening down an icy, steep mountain face with snowboarders; twirling on thermals above the clouds with skysurfers; swimming through the oceans with otters and their surrogate human mother; excavating the very heart of a thirty-story tall Giant Sequoia with botanists and emerging from under the spray of one of California's biggest, surfable waves.

Plot Keywords: narrator, surfer, snowboarder, biologist, scientist, engaging, thrilling ...

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#5. Journey to the Center of the Earth (1959)

Storyline: A geologist (James Mason) and his assistant (Pat Boone) set off on an expedition to the center of the earth. Following directions found in an inscription hidden in volcanic rock, the explorers travel to a volcano in Iceland to begin their journey. Along the way, a widow of a famous scientist (Arlene Dahl) and an Icelander (Peter Ronson) join their party. However, the treacherous terrain and prehistoric monsters are not their only concern when a rival scientist (Thayer David) is on their trail.

Plot Keywords: scientist, professor, assistant, widow, explorer, servant, fascinating ...

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#6. Bugs! (2003)

Storyline: This IMAX documentary, shot in vivid and squirm-inducing 3-D, journeys to the lush rainforest of Borneo to examine in minute detail the various fascinating and sometimes creepy insects that exist there, including ants and beetles. But the film is given dramatic momentum by focusing on the short-lived adventures of a praying mantis named Hierodula and a caterpillar named Papilio, the latter eventually metamorphosing into an exquisite butterfly. The film is narrated by actress Judi Dench.

Plot Keywords: insect, spider, caterpillar, fascinating, cheery, incredible, lighthearted ...

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#7. Moon (2009)

Storyline: Sam Bell has a three year contract to work for Lunar Industries. For the contract's entire duration, he is the sole employee based at their lunar station. His primary job responsibility is to harvest and periodically rocket back to Earth supplies of helium-3, the current clean and abundant fuel used on Earth. There is no direct communication link available between the lunar station and Earth, so his only direct real-time interaction is with GERTY, the intelligent computer whose function is to attend to his day to day needs. With such little human contact and all of it indirect, he feels that three years is far too long to be so isolated; he knows he is beginning to hallucinate as the end of his three years approaches. All he wants is to return to Earth to be with his wife Tess and their infant daughter Eve, who was born just prior to his leaving for this job. With two weeks to go, he gets into an accident at one of the mechanical harvesters and is rendered unconscious. Injured, he ...

Plot Keywords: astronaut, robot, wife, daughter, clone, doppelganger, dark ...

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#8. Mission Blue (2014)

Storyline: Legendary oceanographer and TED prize winner Dr. Sylvia Earle is on a mission to save our oceans. Mission Blue is part action-adventure, part expose of an Eco-disaster. More than 100 scientists, philanthropists and activists gather in the Galapagos Islands to help fulfill Dr. Earle's lifelong wish: build a global network of marine protected areas, like underwater national parks, to protect the natural systems that keep humans alive. As the expedition ends, the Deep water Horizon oil well explodes. With oil gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, Sylvia and an environmental dream team race around the world trying to defend her 'Hope Spots'.—Anonymous

Plot Keywords: environmentalist, diver, animal, touching, emotional, profound, powerful ...

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#9. He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

Storyline: Story of an inventor who, suffering betrayal in life, makes a career of it by becoming a clown whose act consists of getting slapped by all the other clowns. He falls in love with another circus performer, and those who betrayed him enter his life yet again.—Robert Tonsing <rtonsing@ti.com>

Plot Keywords: clown, circus performer, partner, baron, wife, brooding, emotional ...

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#10. The Endurance: Shackleton's Legendary Antarctic Expedition (2000)

Storyline: A retelling of Sir Ernest Shackleton 's ill-fated expedition to Antarctica in 1914-1916, featuring new footage of the actual locations and interviews with surviving relatives of key expedition members, plus archived audio interviews with expedition members, and a generous helping of the footage and still photos shot on the expedition.—Jon Reeves <jreeves@imdb.com>

Plot Keywords: explorer, crew member, cameraman, narrator, scientist, engaging, fascinating ...

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#13. Proteus: A Nineteenth Century Vision (2004)

Storyline: The animated documentary Proteus explores the nineteenth century's engagement with the undersea world through science, technology, painting, poetry and myth. The central figure of the film is biologist and artist Ernst Haeckel, who found in the depths of the sea an ecstatic and visionary fusion of science and art.

Plot Keywords: biologist, painter, sailor, sea creature, spectacular, creative, dreamy ...

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#14. Volcanoes of the Deep Sea (2003)

Storyline: This visually impressive IMAX documentary follows an expedition of oceanographers as they journey into the deep waters of the ocean, searching for new life forms in areas where no life was previously believed to exist. Otherworldly-looking sea creatures and exquisite plant life are discovered, but also underwater volcanoes that may help scientists understand more closely how the universe was actually formed. This short film is narrated by actor Ed Harris.

Plot Keywords: oceanographer, seaman, scientist, geologist, paleontologist, fascinating, spectacular ...

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