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Dangerous Liaisons (1959), Rio Bravo (1959), Seduced and Abandoned (1964), This Property Is Condemned (1966), La Traviata (1982), Johnny Apollo (1940), The Underworld Story (1950), Neds (2010) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Reputation movies.

Dangerous Liaisons (1959)

Affairs strewn from Paris to the Alps disintegrate a couple's (Gérard Philipe, Jeanne Moreau) marriage.

husband, wife, beautiful woman, boyfriend, mistress, lover, passionate

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Rio Bravo (1959)

A small-town sheriff in the American West enlists the help of a cripple, a drunk, and a young gunfighter in his efforts to hold in jail the brother of the local bad guy.

sheriff, drunk, crippled man, rancher, gunslinger, gambler, amusing

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Seduced and Abandoned (1964)

A desperate Sicilian man, whose 15-year-old daughter was seduced and impregnated by his older daughter's fiancé, tries to find a way to save the family's honor.

fiancé, teen girl, father, daughter, mother, hilarious, cheeky

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This Property Is Condemned (1966)

The dramatic love story of small-town Mississippi girl Alva Starr and railroad official Owen Legate, set during the Great Depression.

southern belle, mother, businessman, lover, wealthy man, melodramatic, solemn

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La Traviata (1982)

Violetta meets Alfredo and quickly falls for him. After the lovers run away together, they live in bliss for a short time. However, Alfredo's father, Giorgio, starts to interfere, concerned that Violetta's bad reputation will affect the marriage prospects of Alfredo's sister. Violetta reluctantly leaves Alfredo, but his love is so strong that it leads him to actions t...Read all

gentleman, courtesan, maid, father, rival, friend, passionate

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Johnny Apollo (1940)

The son of a jailed Wall Street broker turns to crime to pay for his father's release.

henchman, gangster, father, girlfriend, boss, inmate, gritty

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The Underworld Story (1950)

The story of the fight of a small-town newspaper to free an innocent girl of a murder charge, with the publisher of a metropolitan city newspaper heading, by forced circumstances, the opposing forces.

journalist, publisher, newspaper owner, gangster, daughter-in-law, murderer, brooding

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Neds (2010)

Encompassed by violent street gangs, neglectful parents, bullying teachers and a dearth of positive role models, a studious but emotionally abandoned kid turns thug.

boy, brother, john, emotional, glasgow, street, gangs

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Virtue (1932)

A relationship gradually develops between a savvy New York street girl and a good-hearted cab driver, but other matters keep getting in their way, including financial problems and a murder.

woman, cab driver, waitress, prostitute, boyfriend, gangster, melodramatic

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The Debt (2010)

In 1965, three Mossad agents cross into East Berlin to apprehend a notorious Nazi war criminal. Thirty years later, the secrets the agents share come back to haunt them.

agent, partner, young woman, nazi, elderly person, suspenseful, engaging

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The Iceman (2012)

The story of Richard Kuklinski, the notorious contract killer and family man. When finally arrested in 1986, neither his wife nor daughters had any clue about his real profession.

killer, hitman, mobster, dark, van, reputation, acting

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Love Never Dies (1921)

John and Tilly's happy marriage is ruined when Tilly's father finds out about the scandalous past of John's mother. John, unaware of his father-in-law's meddling, thinks Tilly has left him, and he leaves town. Her father leads Tilly to believe that John has died in an accident, and he pushes her to marry someone else.

husband, wife, father, rival, mother, melodramatic, uneasy

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The Gilded Lily (1935)

A stenographer becomes a famed entertainer, courted by an English nobleman and an informal American reporter.

secretary, reporter, aristocrat, duke, fiancée, cheeky, moving

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Tall, Dark and Handsome (1941)

Robin Hoodish gangster in 1929 Chicago is an object of affection, kind to New York hood and bad to a bad crook.

gang leader, shopgirl, little boy, rival, henchman, cohort, cheeky

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Hidalgo (2004)

In 1890, a down-and-out cowboy and his horse travel to Arabia to compete in a deadly cross desert horse race.

sheik, cowboy, horse, love interest, nephew, competitor, spectacular

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Storm in a Teacup (1937)

A local politician in Scotland tries to break the reporter who wrote a negative story about him, and who is also in love with his daughter.

journalist, politician, daughter, woman, dog, cheery, charming

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My Fellow Americans (1996)

Two former U. S. Presidents, hated rivals, join forces to expose the current, corrupt President at the risk of their lives.

president, contractor, goon, politician, homeless person, gay man, hilarious

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The Impostors (1998)

Wrongly accused of physically abusing a fellow actor, starving thespians Arthur and Maurice find themselves pursued by the law aboard a cruise ship.

comedian, sidekick, amusing, ocean liner, new york city, deception, actors

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Only the Valiant (1951)

A despised cavalry commander is unfairly blamed by his troop for the death of a popular officer and must redeem himself in front of his men during an Indian attack on the fort.

leader, officer, captain, gory, mission, mountain, respect

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Tension at Table Rock (1956)

A reluctant gunslinger tires of having to defend himself at every cow town he visits, so he adopts an alias and continues his wandering. At an outpost run by a father and young son, he gets involved with a robbery in progress, and agrees to take the son to the boy's uncle, a sheriff in Table Rock, for his safety. Once there he finds the town gearing up for the arrival...Read all

gunslinger, partner, witness, sheriff, wife, outlaw, thrilling

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Cynara (1932)

London barrister's marriage is under strain after his affair with a shop-girl who is out to have him. Told in flashback.

lawyer, wife, salesgirl, emotional, solemn, sad, london

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American Friends (1991)

Reverend Francis Ashby (Sir Michael Palin), a senior Oxford don on vacation alone in the Alps, meets vacationing American Miss Caroline Hartley (Connie Booth) and her companion Miss Elinor Hartley (Trini Alvarado), the blossoming Irish-American girl she adopted many years before. Ashby finds he enjoys their company, particularly that of Elinor, and both of the women a...Read all

professor, american woman, teen girl, enemy, witty, swiss alps, oxford university

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Edge of Eternity (1959)

In the 1950s, Arizona Deputy Sheriff Les Martin is pressured by his community to solve a string of mysterious murders around a mining ghost town in the Grand Canyon.

deputy, sheriff, bar owner, socialite, foreman, brother, melodramatic

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King of the Underworld (1939)

After the killing of her husband by friendly fire during a police raid, Dr. Carole Nelson tries to find gangster Joe Gurney to clear her name with the medical board.

doctor, gangster, writer, widow, police officer, gambler, suspenseful

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Truth (2015)

Controversy surrounds CBS anchor Dan Rather (Robert Redford) and "60 Minutes" producer Mary Mapes (Cate Blanchett) after the network broadcasts a report about President George W. Bush and his military service.

news anchor, journalist, george w. bush, politician, gritty, engaging, united states

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Tell It to the Judge (1949)

Marsha Meredith, an attorney-at-law, is nominated for a Federal judgeship, but her nomination is opposed by a 'Good-Government' group who think her divorce makes her unfit for the job. This evolves into situations, happening in Florida, New England, Washington D.C. and the Adirondacks, such as the misunderstood husband trying to win back his wife, and the misunderstoo...Read all

attorney, ex-husband, government official, innkeeper, accomplice, husband, airy

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Extreme Measures (1996)

A young doctor confronts a famous colleague; when he learns about the true methods of his work.

doctor, homeless person, surgeon, police officer, medical director, fbi agent, thrilling

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Norman: The Moderate Rise and Tragic Fall of a New York Fixer (2016)

Norman Oppenheimer is a small time operator who befriends a young politician at a low point in his life. Three years later, when the politician becomes an influential world leader, Norman's life dramatically changes for better and worse.

fixer, dignitary, prime minister, businessman, politician, israeli, amusing

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The Good Bad Girl (1931)

Marcia Cameron (Mae Clark), a gangster's moll, quits her racketeering boyfriend Dapper Dan Tyler (Robert Ellis) for a respectable rich man, Bob Henderson (Jmaes Hall), but after giving birth to a child), then finds her shady background a liability. Bob is so embarrassed by her former associations that he sues for a divorce. But Dapper Dan is gunned down by a detective...Read all

girlfriend, gangster, son, parent, best friend, detective, melodramatic

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The Kid Rides Again (1943)

Billy breaks jail in Texas and travels to Sundown at the request of his friend Fuzzy. There he runs into Mort Slade who is after a mortgage held by banker Ainsley. Slade's men rob the bank and then incite a run on the bank knowing Ainsley does not have enough money.

billy the kid, friend, banker, gunman, outlaw, suspenseful, spirited

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