#1. Lorna Doone (1922)

Storyline: As a young girl, aristocrat Lorna (Madge Bellamy) meets and befriends John Ridd (John Bowers), a sweet farm boy whom she immediately adores. Soon after, Lorna is kidnapped by Sir Ensor Doone (Frank Keenan) and raised among his band of outlaws, unaware of her royal lineage. Good-natured Sir Ensor protects Lorna from the others -- but when he becomes gravely ill, a young, violent outlaw decides to claim Lorna as his own. She soon realizes that she must somehow contact John, so he can rescue her.

Plot Keywords: shepherd, heiress, outlaw, villager, blind person, true love, passionate ...

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#3. Dum Laga Ke Haisha (2015)

Storyline: It is the 1990s, the tape-cassette is dying, CDs will soon be the rage and a regular arranged marriage will turn out to be a perfect mismatch. Prem (Ayushmann Khurrana) is a shy music buff who runs a tape recording shop in Haridwar. Sandhya (Bhumi Pednekar) likes to dance to the band tunes at her own wedding. He has nightmares about drawing a blank at his English exam. She is about to carve a niche for herself as a teacher. But now, they are married and they are supposed to spend a lifetime together - and he is still trying to find balance on their scooter ride together. From overcoming his fear of the English language to dealing with an overbearing father, he discovers that his oversized wife, who he thought was a spanner in his spool, will actually lead him to something quite cool.

Plot Keywords: young man, young woman, husband, wife, father, mother, hilarious ...

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#4. The Smiling Lieutenant (1931)

Storyline: Lieutenant Niki of the Austrian royal guard has a new girlfriend, Franzi. He's crazy about her and is smiling at her while on duty in the street. King Adolf and his daughter Princess Anna from the neighboring kingdom of Flausenthurm drive by, and Anna intercepts a wink meant for Franzi. She falls for Niki, marries him (he has no choice in the matter), and whisks him off to Flausenthurm. Franzi follows and enjoys a brief affair with Niki before Anna finds out. Franzi, much more experienced in the ways of the world, gives Anna lessons on how to win the affections of her husband.—John Oswalt <[email protected]>

Plot Keywords: soldier, princess, peasant, king, girlfriend, playful, amusing ...

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#5. Ixcanul (2015)

Storyline: María, a seventeen-year-old Mayan (Kaqchikel) girl, lives on the slopes of an active volcano in Guatemala. An arranged marriage awaits her, but her suitor must first spend months working in the city. It is a world María knows nothing of, but is forced to grapple with when problems arise.

Plot Keywords: young woman, worker, groom, father, disturbing, emotional, intense ...

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#6. The World in His Arms (1952)

Storyline: Roistering sea captain Jonathan Clark, who poaches seal pelts from Russian Alaska, meets and woos Russian countess Marina in 1850 San Francisco. Events separate them, but after an exciting sea race to the Pribilof Islands they meet again; now, both are in danger from the schemes of villainous Prince Semyon.—Rod Crawford <[email protected]>

Plot Keywords: captain, first mate, pilot, countess, merchant, prince, gripping ...

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#7. Bombay to Goa (1972)

Storyline: College student Mala has dreams of becoming a Bollywood movie actress; her dreams began materializing into reality when she is approached by Mr. Sharma and his assistant Mr. Verma who promises to take her to the way of stardom. Unfortunately when her parents learn about this they oppose to this and decide to arrange her marriage so that she will be restricted to go above her limits forcing her to approach Sharma for advice who asks her to run-away with huge sums of cash. Greed over comes the duo resulting in Sharma killing Verma; Mala who witness this is on the run for her life; she then board a bus that run between Bombay to Goa without realizing where this journey will end. But her life remains threaten as Sharma has not given up his searches for her.—gavin ([email protected])

Plot Keywords: husband, wife, daughter, young man, director, gripping, intense ...

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#8. The Crusades (1935)

Storyline: The Third Crusade as it didn't happen. King Richard Coeur de Lion goes on the crusade to avoid marrying Princess Alice of France; en route, he marries Berengaria to get food for his men. Berengaria.is captured by Saladin, spurring Richard to attack and capture Acre. But Saladin, attracted to her, takes her on to Jerusalem, and Richard is in danger of assassination.—Rod Crawford <[email protected]>

Plot Keywords: king richard i, sultan, crusader, knight, muslim, princess, spectacular ...

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#9. Uptown New York (1932)

Storyline: Pat and Max are in a serious relationship, talking about their future together. After they spend a night together for the first time at his impetus, he graduates with his degree to become a doctor and his father pushes ahead for his planned arranged marriage. Though he's not happy about it, he does go through with it and doesn't argue when his father says he's going to send Max and his soon-to-be wife to Vienna for a strong start in his career. When Max tells Pat, it breaks her heart and she runs off. She follows his career through the newspaper. Later, she meets Eddie, a gangster running gumball machines, when he helps her out of a bathroom where the door is stuck. After taking her on a date, he confesses he'd like to marry her because of how pure, good, and clean she is, which fills her with guilt and doubt. Unsure whether to say yes, Pat asks for a day to decide. When Max comes back into her life hoping to rekindle what they had even though he's married, she must decide which relationship to move forward with.—goldenagehollywood

Plot Keywords: doctor, young woman, salesman, father, best friend, love interest, melodramatic ...

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#10. Babes in Toyland (1961)

Storyline: Tom the Piper's Son is about to marry Mary Quite Contrary. On the eve of their wedding, evil miser Barnaby hires two henchmen to drown Tom and steal Mary's sheep, cared for by Little Bo Peep, thus depriving Mary and the children she lives with of their livelihood, forcing her to marry Barnaby. The sheep are stolen, but Gonzorgo and Roderigo, Barnaby's henchmen, double-cross him by selling Tom to a band of gypsies instead, leaving Tom with the opportunity to escape and make his way with Mary, Bo-Peep, and other Mother Goose characters to Toyland.—Albert Sanchez Moreno <[email protected]>

Plot Keywords: heiress, fiancé, mastermind, goon, toy maker, assistant, charming ...

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#11. Chennai Express (2013)

Storyline: Rahul embarks on a journey to a small town in Tamil Nadu to fulfill the last wish of his grandfather: to have his ashes immersed in the Holy water of Rameshwaram. En route, he meets a woman hailing from a unique family down South. As they find love through this journey in the exuberant lands of South India, an unanticipated drive awaits them.

Plot Keywords: orphan, man, woman, gangster, grandmother, gang leader, airy ...

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#12. Saving Silverman (2001)

Storyline: Two dim-witted former high school buddys and Neil Diamond fanactics, Wayne and J.D., plot to keep their friend Darren from marrying the wrong woman, a domineering and spiteful psychologist named Judith by kidnapping her and trying to set Darren up with his old high school girlfriend Sandy who plans to become a nun.

Plot Keywords: young man, best friend, fiancée, coach, old flame, hysterical, madcap ...

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#13. Tere Naal Love Ho Gaya (2012)

Storyline: In a quaint village of Haryana lives Miny, a free-spirited tomboy who instantly wins your heart with her bubbly personality. Her father, Bhatti, runs an auto-rickshaw business and is adamant to marry her off against her liking to Sunny. The male protagonist Viren, is a humble and ambitious rickshaw driver working for Miny's father. Bhatti, insecure about Viren's success, sells of all the rickshaws where Viren had carefully stashed his life savings. In an attempt to recover his money from Bhatti, Viren storms into Miny's engagement with fury. This gives Miny the perfect opportunity to escape her marriage and so she stages a kidnap. However, the kidnap goes all wrong and she and Viren land up in Viren's family mansion. Eventually, Miny's father arrives with the ransom that she had asked for and takes her back home. Back in Punjab, while she is being married off to Sunny, it dawns on Viren to go rescue her as he realizes his love for her. But will he manage to do so is what remains to be seen in a dramatic and comic climax.—Official site

Plot Keywords: young man, young woman, father, mother, bride, groom, hilarious ...

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#15. Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain (1999)

Storyline: Vishwanath is a multi-millionaire industrialist, who lives in a palatial house, with his only chid, a son named Vijay. Vijay has been literally born with a silver spoon in his mouth, and indulges in life's temptations and weaknesses to the extreme. Vishwanath would like his son to get married and be responsible. Vijay agrees to get married on condition that his future bride sign an agreement that the marriage is on a trial basis for one year, and thereafter is Vijay does not fall in love with her, the marriage gets annulled. Vishwanath asks his personal assistant, Megha, to quit her job and marry Vijay, but Megha refuses. Megha comes from a poor family, consisting of her mom, two other sisters, and one brother. Megha reconsiders this offer, and asks for financial support for her mom and siblings, to which Vishwanath agrees to, and as a result Vijay and Megha are married. After the marriage, Vijay and Megha do become friends, and Megha goes out of her way to look after Vijay when he meets with an accident. At the end of the year, however, Vijay decides to annul the marriage, as had been agreed upon. Megha leaves Vijay and returns home. Then complications arise when Megha gets pregnant, and her family and people in the community start to question her living with her mom, and who the biological father is.—rAjOo ([email protected])

Plot Keywords: young man, young woman, wealthy man, industrialist, father, secretary, emotional ...

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