10 Great Movies like Inception (2010)

The blockbuster Inception (2010), directed by Christopher Nolan, tells an intriguing story that is enjoyable for many science fiction enthusiasts. Throughout the history of science fiction movies, directors have tended to favor films with similar themes. Today, I will recommend ten movies that are similar to Inception.

No.10  Shutter Island (2010)

Shutter Island, which stars Leonardo DiCaprio, is another movie that directors enjoy. It is different from Inception because Shutter Island is a standard blockbuster film. If you are a fan of Leo, you should not miss this movie.

No.9 The Usual Suspects (1995)

This film, which has an unremarkable beginning, impacts the viewers in a shocking and logical way as the story progresses. After watching this movie, you will exclaim: "Wow, I did not expect it to end like that."

No.8 Memento (2000)

Similar to Inception, this movie focuses on the role of dreams. However, this movie is different because its dream sequences are intended to develop the plot in the real world. Furthermore, the audience gradually realizes these sequences’ significance based on the protagonist’s experience. These seemingly unrelated dreams are eventually clearly understood. If you like to find clues hidden within plot details, you should not miss this movie.

No.7 The Butterfly Effect (2004)

Everyone is aware of the meaning of the butterfly effect. This movie develops this concept to its fullest extent. While watching and after having watched it, the audience will be able to consider the logic of its interlocking plotlines and their deeper meaning.

No.6 Mulholland Dr. (2001)

Mulholland Dr. has been praised as one of the best examples of suspense movies. Naturally, it is included on this list.

However, in contrast with its convoluted and confusing plot, most of its viewers watch it mainly because of its bold visual expression.

No.5 Identity (2003)

The movie Identity can be described as a fully suspenseful blockbuster. Its depiction of multiple personalities is intriguing enough to attract the audience’s attention.

No.4 The Matrix (1999)

The reason why The Matrix is similar to Inception is mainly because these two films involve the same philosophical concept, that is, the difference between reality and illusion. This aspect of The Matrix will definitely enhance your enjoyment of these two movies.

No.3 Lola Rennt (1998)

Lola Rennt, which is also called Run Lola Run, is famous among sci-fi movie fans because of its intense narrative rhythm and precise lens editing. After watching this movie, the unusual scenes that its director creates will amaze you.

No.2 Fight Club (1999)

Most people have seen this famous movie. Is it just a story of split personalities, or are there other aspects of this story? The protagonist in Fight Club and in Inception are both faced with a core dilemma, that is, a contradiction existing within themselves.

No.1 Triangle (2009)

This movie’s depiction of a time loop seems to be a punishment, and also a curse that continues and is infinitely repeated. However, it is also the only way that the characters learn while also understanding the nature of life.

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