Rose DeWitt Bukater - Character Analysis - Titanic (1997)

In the movie Titanic, Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, is an aristocratic lady who hates her privileged life. She longs to experience freedom and happiness. On the ship Titanic, Rose has a chance encounter with a man named Jack Dawson that changes her destiny. At that time, she feels full of hope for her life and bravely survives for Jack’s sake.

‘Rose DeWitt Bukater’ is a complicated name. When Jack and Rose meet at the Titanic’s stern, after Rose tells him her name, Jack replies that she would have to write that one down for him. Her name is very complex, and for Jack, ‘Rose’ is the only part that is really important. The rest of it is just fancy words that restrict her life and represent the high standards and strict rules of her social class.

In a memorable scene, Jack is holding Rose, who is standing on the bow railing with her arms open as if they are flying. Before this, her mother and Cal tell Rose to give up her freedom with Jack and stay away from him. However, Rose takes the initiative to come to the Titanic’s bow, telling Jack: "I changed my mind.” She then hands herself over to Jack. A classic exchange between them ensues: Jack asks Rose: “Do you trust me?” Rose replies: “I trust you.” Actually, how do people usually reply when someone asks them: “Do you trust me”? Generally, the answer is “Yes” or “Of course” or “I do” or “I trust”. Here, Rose says “I trust you”. In this case, the additional ‘you’ creates an atmosphere that is a lot more romantic. It also expresses that Rose has truly handed herself over to Jack. In that moment, she feels a sense of exhilaration.

When Rose arrives in New York City, and a steward asks for her name, her answer is “Dawson, Rose Dawson.” Compared with the beginning of the movie, this new name is much simpler. It suggests that Rose has completely taken off her former aristocratic clothes, thrown away her tedium and abandoned her monotonous and repetitive life. Jack’s sacrifice helps Rose come to the country where Jack grew up. It allows her to begin a new life, which is how she expresses her gratitude to and love for him.

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