Rose DeWitt Bukater - Character Analysis - Titanic (1997)

Rose DeWitt Bukater was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1895; Rose’s exact birthdate is unknown. Unfortunately, Rose’s father passed away which resulted in a series of huge debts that left her family problematic in financial issues. At some point, Rose DeWitt Bukater met Caledon Hockley and prior to the maiden voyage, she became engaged to him with the goal of her mother was to have Rose marry him, and stay in their deathly lifestyle.

Rose DeWitt Bukater’s fashion and choices of clothes are very underrated and almost not given an appreciation. She has a good eye for clothes and fabric that every time she wears them, she looked a Greek Goddess. Her effortless beauty is also her jewel- the reason why she always stands out every time she goes to the hall for dinner or any meals.

Enough with her clothes. Let’s talk about Rose’s facial features and how she uses them as an advantage. No one can deny that she is perfect from her toes to her face and even the strands of her hair. With  warm porcelain skin, she can be fragile more than a glass. With her rosy cheeks, the roses might not be able to withstand her and because of her perfect lips, surely, Jack will be sleepless for nights.

The movie went to full blast when Jack did Rose’s body portrait. His eyes reflect the lust and love he has for Rose DeWitt Bukater. This is one of the reasons why Jack’s death and sacrifice in the movie “Titanic” gave us the feeling of being a hopeless romance. Shredding tears and letting out a heavy sigh- if you experienced any of this while witnessing Jack’s death on the screen, then you are probably one of the millions who fell for his sweetness and braveness.

Rose & Jack, Storyline
Rose was 17 years old when she first boarded the ship; RMS Titanic. Rose boarded with Caledon Hockley and her mother who is Ruth DeWitt Bukater. Rose being left with no choice was forced to entangle her life with a man she does not feel any romance or even tingles in her stomach. Because of Rose DeWitt Bukater’s hopeless life, people of  different class cannot see her as a lady but instead a sad child with no hope left in the world for her to have.

Rose DeWitt Bukater even attempted to hurt herself but luckily, Jack Dawson, a young boy and artist from the third-class talked her out of it and saved her. Rose DeWitt Bukater started to feel strange tingles in her stomach that she cannot feel or have the sensation when she’s with Caledon Hockley. She taught that it was different and somewhat, surreal.

Rose is a young girl with broad dreams but helpless heart. When Rose DeWitt Bukater started to talk to Jack Dawson, she found something that she thought it was impossible. It was hope. Minutes passed and the young strangers developed intense feelings for each other. It was also when chaos started.

Helplessly and unexpectedly falling for someone wasn’t planned by Rose DeWitt Bukater. She planned nothing but to hurt herself but tables turned when she met a promising Jack Dawson. It was magical and it felt light to have someone you can talk to and rely on. It was something Rose DeWitt Bukater never experienced in her entire life.

Their intimate moment in the ship’s parking lot also gave the longing for the warmth they both shared. Jack and Rose is a perfect match despite their social status. They managed to exchange the love they have for each other, enjoyed each other’s company and of course- they did one of the most iconic scenes in the Hollywood movies industry which is the scene where Rose and Jack embraced each other and faced the warmth of the blowing wind of the ocean.

Unfortunately, Rose DeWitt Bukater's romance with her lover, Jack, did not last long. Reason is Rose DeWitt Bukater’s reputation is well-respected and knowing that she has a relationship with Jack is considered as a scandal. Was she heartbroken? The answer is, yes. Rose DeWitt Bukater may be elegance from her appearance but she really is reckless. This can be proved when she risked her life to save Jack even though the ship is already sinking. She swallowed her fear because of her another ultimate fear- her fear of losing his ultimate lover, Jack.

Rose DeWitt Bukater is as brave as Jack, willing to sacrifice everything she has to keep the most valuable thing in her life. With no doubts, she offered her soul to Jack and accepted every Jack’s insecurities. She’s no one like the typical girls who chase money and not character.

To sum up their romance, Rose DeWitt Bukater admired Jack Dawson for being well-spoken and optimistic in life nevertheless of his social status. No riches. No lands. No ownerships. Rose DeWitt Bukater thought of giving their relationship a chance even though it is merely impossible to begin with. She used their love for each other as a key to break the barriers that kept them in the dark.

If Rose DeWitt Bukater left us a lesson, it is to love fearlessly and cherish every moment with our significant others. To embrace their flaws and accept them for they are and not what they can offer. In addition, we must not hide in the dark if we love someone but instead, outshine the light for how we love them and let the people judge us but fight back when they start to doubt the love that we have for our significant other.

Transformation of Rose DeWitt Bukater

In the movie Titanic, Rose DeWitt Bukater, played by Kate Winslet, is an aristocratic lady who hates her privileged life. She longs to experience freedom and happiness. On the ship Titanic, Rose has a chance encounter with a man named Jack Dawson that changes her destiny. At that time, she feels full of hope for her life and bravely survives for Jack’s sake.

‘Rose DeWitt Bukater’ is a complicated name. When Jack and Rose meet at the Titanic’s stern, after Rose tells him her name, Jack replies that she would have to write that one down for him. Her name is very complex, and for Jack, ‘Rose’ is the only part that is really important. The rest of it is just fancy words that restrict her life and represent the high standards and strict rules of her social class.

In a memorable scene, Jack is holding Rose, who is standing on the bow railing with her arms open as if they are flying. Before this, her mother and Cal tell Rose to give up her freedom with Jack and stay away from him. However, Rose takes the initiative to come to the Titanic’s bow, telling Jack: "I changed my mind.” She then hands herself over to Jack. A classic exchange between them ensues: Jack asks Rose: “Do you trust me?” Rose replies: “I trust you.” Actually, how do people usually reply when someone asks them: “Do you trust me”? Generally, the answer is “Yes” or “Of course” or “I do” or “I trust”. Here, Rose says “I trust you”. In this case, the additional ‘you’ creates an atmosphere that is a lot more romantic. It also expresses that Rose has truly handed herself over to Jack. In that moment, she feels a sense of exhilaration.

When Rose arrives in New York City, and a steward asks for her name, her answer is “Dawson, Rose Dawson.” Compared with the beginning of the movie, this new name is much simpler. It suggests that Rose has completely taken off her former aristocratic clothes, thrown away her tedium and abandoned her monotonous and repetitive life. Jack’s sacrifice helps Rose come to the country where Jack grew up. It allows her to begin a new life, which is how she expresses her gratitude to and love for him.

Why is Rose able to live a happy life after losing Jack?

Jack taught Rose not just about love, but also about how to love life. This film is intended to teach people how to love life. It is why Rose falls in love with Jack, why Rose hates her fiancé, and why Jack becomes attracted to her.
Rose is attracted to Jack not because he is handsome, but since he has vitality and youth. When Jack tells her about his life at the luxurious first-class dining table, you can sense Jack's passion for life and youthful self-confidence. However, what Rose could not stand was her own life - her mother, fiancé, and responsibilities ‘trapped’ her. Jack’s appearance lights up Rose like a burning flame. Therefore, as an old woman, Rose says that “he saved my life”. The photos in Rose's room during her later years symbolized all the life events that Jack had hoped to experience with her. Throughout her life, she never forgot Jack. She always lived for him and realized what she had promised to endure for their sake.

Rose's fiancé Cal loves Rose too, doesn't he?

I think Cal does love Rose, and Rose was a little out of line.
It is not surprising that Cal’s background as an upper-class businessman, his lifestyle, and the education he received should have caused him to develop an arrogant and self-centered mindset. Cal is not an admirable man, but is just a man who loves Rose.
If you understand that, and watch how Cal treats Rose, you can see that he really does love her, but does so based on his status as a businessman.
Moreover, Cal pays off Rose's debts, helps ensure that she and her mother can enjoy life, and tries to give Rose as much satisfaction as he can. He also gives her an expensive and famous (fictional) diamond necklace called the Heart of the Ocean. Cal must have thought of many methods, used numerous connections, and spent a lot of money to acquire this necklace. That’s how Cal expresses his love for Rose.

Marrying the daughter of a high-ranking government official to make a lot of money seems more in line with his style as a businessman, right? However, he didn’t choose that option. He chose Rose, who was in debt, and couldn't think of any explanation other than his love for her.
I’m afraid that nobody else would behave like Cal did when finding his fiancée openly cheating on him. Despite Rose's cheating, Carl gave her a second chance, as long as she didn't repeat her mistake.
In fact, Cal did nothing wrong. What went wrong was that these two people had different values. He did his best to give Rose as many good things as he could, but that wasn't what Rose needed or wanted.

Why does Rose finally throw the Heart of the Ocean into the sea?

When Rose has the Heart of the Ocean, she fulfills her promise to Jack - never give up - and she lives as a strong and brave person. The director creates an idealized ending: Rose decides to stay and goes to sleep in the place nearest to Jack. She visualizes the scene of her throwing the Heart of the Ocean into the sea as if in a dream she has before her death. "Keep my heart with you forever, and it will lead me to where you are."

How does Titanic compare to James Cameron's other works?

Cameron's other works are mostly science fiction films such as Aliens and The Terminator. Compared to these films, Titanic does not focus on the role of technology, but is unique since it is a tragic love story.

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