7 Great Movies like Leon the Professional (1994) - Hitman Movie

1. Léon: The Professional  (1994)

Jean Reno plays the hitman Léon. 

When the song 'Shape of My Heart' plays at the end of this movie, are there tears in your eyes? A hitman named Léon will always be remembered forever.

Léon: The Professional

2. Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005)

Brad Pitt plays John Smith and Angelina Jolie plays Jane Smith.

The killers in this movie are no longer passionate or ruthless, but play a couple who are both assassins.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

3. No Country for Old Men (2007)

Javier Bardem plays the hitman Anton Chigurh.

Silence makes people feel uncomfortable. This movie uses it to enhance the brutal nature of its killer Anton Chigurh, played by Javier Bardem. Its silence is invisible and completely envelops its surroundings, creating an atmosphere of terror that leaves the audience breathless.

No Country for Old Men

4. Wanted (2008)

Angelina Jolie plays the assassin Fox.

Quite simply, her bullets will turn corners…This movie will capture your attention.


5. The Mechanic (2011)

Jason Statham plays the assassin Arthur Bishop.

A stable mind, subtle tactics and silent movements are the essential traits for a top assassin. In this movie, Jason Statham is absolutely cool and does not smile, wears black clothes, speaks in a stylish manner, and has advanced skills and agility!

The Mechanic

6. Desperado (1995)

Antonio Banderas plays the musician El Mariachi.

I don't know if this film is an assassin movie. El Mariachi, who is originally a guitarist, starts killing out of revenge…Robert Rodriguez's films are always full of bloody masculinity, while Antonio Banderas' temperament is also very reflective of Mexico.


7. XIII: The Conspiracy (2008)

Stephen Dorff plays the assassin XIII.

The film is more than two hours long, and its plot is compact and  interwoven. The protagonist’s fate is full of danger, and it concludes with a thoughtful ending. It’s a really good film.

XIII: The Conspiracy

8. In Bruges (2008)

Colin Farrell plays the hitman Ray.

This is a comedy that can make you laugh and cry. Its dark humor in a quiet atmosphere is unspeakable, absurd and remains gloomy, which makes people feel sad. I can only say that these hitmen can't be too cool.

In Bruges

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