Schindler's List: Movie Summary & Short Review

In 1939, Nazi Germany has invaded and occupied Poland. German businessman and Nazi Party member Oskar Schindler (Liam Neeson) comes to the Polish city of Kraków, where he acquires a factory that produces enamelware and munitions. With extensive social connections and an extensive amount of bribes, Schindler establishes good relationships with the Nazis. His factory employs Jews and is very profitable.

In 1943, a terrible massacre obliterates Kraków’s Jews. Schindler witnesses it and is extremely shocked. He bribes German SS officers and eventually makes his factory into a labor camp subordinate to the Płaszów concentration camp. His factory is a refuge for Jews when most of them are rounded up and taken to other camps such as Auschwitz and Belzec.

In 1944, on the eve of Germany’s defeat, the extermination of Jews intensifies. Schindler and an assistant write a list of 1,200 Jews so he can send them to a new factory and prevent them from dying at Auschwitz. Schindler eventually goes bankrupt in his efforts to save the lives of his Jewish workers.

Viewers will enjoy this profoundly moving historical movie, and it will leave an indelible impression on them. Its most memorable image is when a girl is wearing a red jacket in an otherwise black and white scene. In any situation, no matter how desperate, the brilliance of humanity will always continue to flicker with hope.

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