3 Days to Kill (2014)

3 Days to Kill (2014)

  • 6.2
  • 1h 57min
  • Action, Drama, Thriller
  • 2014-02-21 (USA)


Dying of brain cancer, a dangerous international spy is determined to give up his high stakes life to finally build a closer relationship with his estranged wife and daughter, whom he's previously kept at arm's length to keep out of danger; but first, he must complete one last mission - even if it means juggling the two toughest assignments yet: hunt down the world's most ruthless terrorist and look after his teenage daughter for the first time in ten years while his wife is out of town.

Short Review

A very well conceived and executed movie. Quality acting, direction and editing leads to a very coherent story despite the time jumps. Not heavy on religious or moral themes, which is a big positive with this movie, as it could have been taken down the wrong path. The violence is not gratuitous and is used as a legitimate tool to tell the story.