A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011)

A Thousand Kisses Deep (2011)

  • 5.0
  • 84 mins
  • Science Fiction, Romance, Mystery, Thriller


Returning home from work, Mia witnesses an aged woman leap from a window. Scattered around the old woman's broken, lifeless body Mia discovers shredded pieces from a beloved photograph of herself and her former lover Ludwig. Highly unnerved, Mia begs Max, the buildings' all knowing custodian, to let her into the deceased woman's flat. While inside this strangely familiar place, Mia recognizes the contents as her own. Confused and disturbed by what lies before her, she bolts back and forth in time where she is forced to realize it was her very own life that ended before her. Now, the only way to safeguard her future is to go back to her past and confront the man she loves deeply but dreads most.—Osiris Entertainment

Short Review

A vaguely ambitious but finally wretched exploration of alternative poverty-row realities.