A Prairie Home Companion (2006)

A Prairie Home Companion (2006)

  • 6.7
  • 1h 45min
  • Comedy, Drama, Music, Musical, Romance, Western
  • 2006-06-09 (USA)


A final live variety show broadcast via radio becomes a metaphor for the natural order of life. A concept and script by Garrison Keilor uses every natural and technical element of working with a tight and close ensemble producing a weekly show to sooth us and guide us through the natural but difficult transitions of aging, becoming less relevant and then dying as new, young life develops and strengthens during our final "performances." This is a rare film for it's remarkable cast and crew and one wonders how the great Robert Altman was able to gather them all at the same place and time to shoot this film.

Short Review

It's a warm and dignified end to a sometimes erratic but often enthralling career.