Cattle King (1963)

Cattle King (1963)

  • 5.9
  • 90 mins
  • Western


It's 1883 in the Wyoming Territory. Sam Brassfield owns and operates the Teton cattle ranch alongside his foreman and housekeeper, husband and wife Ed and Ruth Winters, and his right hand man, a Mexican named Johnny Quatro, who likes his señoritas a little too much. He took in his now young adult nephew and niece, Webb and June Carter, upon the unfortunate circumstances concerning their parents, Webb who is learning to be ranch hand, his hotheadedness which often gets in the way. Sam is trying to do ranching differently, having a closed range of his own land as a more sustainable method. He erecting fences to keep other cattle out does not sit well with many of his neighboring ranchers, especially his former mentor, Clay Mathews, a Texas cattle baron who wants that open range all the way from Texas to the Canada border. Sam believes Clay's self interest is driven by he having purchased too many cattle for what his own land can support, he wanting eventually to oversupply the market with his inferior product at the end of the season to make millions. Sam also believes Clay is behind the cutting of his wire fences. One other smaller neighboring ranch which has split priorities is that owned and operated by the Travers siblings. Henry Travers, an alcoholic, is a man with no backbone who is easily manipulated by the strongest voice, in this case being Clay. On the other side is Henry's sister, Sharleen Travers, who does most of the work on the ranch in Henry's uselessness, and who is in a relationship with Sam. Clay has hired muscle in the form of Vince Bodine to carry out his dirty work, Vince who, beyond carrying out Clay's wishes, seems to enjoy the role as the heavy for being the heavy's sake. Clay and Vince have come up with a way to inflict maximum pain on Sam's neighbors making it look like Sam is behind it all in an effort to gain those neighbors' support. As the fight seems to become more and more personal between Sam and Clay, another factor influencing what happens in the matter is the visit to the region of President Chester A. Arthur, and which side gets his ear.—Huggo

Short Review

Robert Taylor once again turns in a solid Western leading man performance--MGM's Farewell To Robert Taylor!!