Return to Peyton Place (1961)

Return to Peyton Place (1961)

  • 3.4
  • 123 mins
  • Drama


Allison (Carol Lynley) leaves her hometown of Peyton Place, N.H., for New York City after she's contacted by Lewis Jackman (Jeff Chandler), a powerful publisher who's interested in her tell-all book about her hometown. In the big city, Allison promotes her book, which becomes a runaway success, and she also begins a flirtatious relationship with Lewis, who is married. Back in Peyton Place, the secrets Allison has revealed could very easily tear the town apart.

Short Review

Great acting -- especially by Mary Astor -- in a town rocked by a thinly-veiled book about its inhabitants. I'm not comparing this film to any other but commenting on it on its own. Good direction and action. The motives of the townspeople are clearly understood and their emotions are genuine. A well photographed movie worth your time.