God's Country and the Man (1937)

God's Country and the Man (1937)

  • 6.9
  • 56 mins
  • Western


Filled with long-and-medium archive-footage shots from an earlier John Wayne Lone Star/Monogram western, especially in the riding-and-and-chase sequences. Red Gentry robs a store and kills the owner, whose son, Jim Reid, swears revenge. Gentry deserts his sweetheart, Roxey, and heads north. Jim and Roxey meet while both are trailing Gentry, and Jim suspects a relationship between her and Gentry and tries to gain her confidence. Both stop to rest in a Montana town and Sandy Briggs, local blacksmith, finds a gold nugget in the shoe of Roxey's horse. Both insist the location of where the ore was picked up is her claim, and Roxey becomes rich. Up in Canada, Gentry and his henchies pull a robbery and the RCMP are on his trail. Mountie Bill, Betty's brother, is shot by Gentry but Jim saves his life. Roxey spends all her money on a big dance-hall-saloon hoping to bring Gentry there to trap him for Jim. Her plan works but not without serious consequences to her.—Les Adams


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