#1. Come and Get It (1936)

Storyline: In 1880s Wisconsin, ambitious lumberjack Barney Glasgow (Edward Arnold) loves saloon girl Lotta (Frances Farmer) but spurns her and marries to advance his career. While Lotta marries his friend (Walter Brennan) and has a daughter, Barney becomes a lumber bigwig by ruthless deforestation. Years later, the late Lotta's daughter, also named Lotta and played by the same actress, becomes the object of affection of both Barney, hoping to recapture the love he lost, and his son, Richard (Joel McCrea).

Plot Keywords: lumberjack, boss, saloon girl, daughter, son, melodramatic, engaging ...

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#2. Monty Python Live at the Hollywood Bowl (1982)

Storyline: A collection of skits that made the Monty Python troupe famous, performed live at the Hollywood Bowl. Included are the singing philosophers, lumberjacks, the pope, and a suspiciously-male looking seabird vendor.—Murray Chapman <muzzle@cs.uq.oz.au>

Plot Keywords: barber, lumberjack, michelangelo, son, pope, madcap, california ...

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#3. Siberian Lady Macbeth (1961)

Storyline: Left with her father-in-law, Izmajlow (Bojan Stupica), when her husband goes on an extended trip, Katarina (Olivera Markovic) falls in love with local pig farmer, Sergei (Ljuba Tadic). Her father-in-law discovers the affair and mercilessly beats Sergei. Fearing for her lover, Katerina feeds her father-in-law poisonous mushrooms, which allows a period of peace for the couple. However, when Katarina's husband, Zinovij (Miodrag Lazarevic), returns home, even more violence ensues.

Plot Keywords: wife, lover, farmer, lumberjack, husband, powerful, tense ...

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#4. Riders of the Whistling Pines (1949)

Storyline: When asked about the Ghost Riders song he sings, Gene Autry (Gene Autry) tells this legend: Gene is about to resign as an investigator for the county attorney and go into the cattle business with his pal Chuckawalla Jones (Pat Buttram) but decides instead to help Anne Lawson (Gloria Henry) clear her father, rancher Ralph Lawson (Steve Darrell), of a false murder charge. He looks for the three witnesses who can testify that Lawson shot only in self defense in killing a gambler, but the witnesses are terrorized by another gambler, town boss Rock McCleary (Robert Livingston), who shoots witness Pop Roberts (Tom London). Fatally wounded, Pop gives Gene the information needed to clear Lawson, then dies crying the "Ghost Riders" are coming for him. Gene then heads for a showdown with McCleary.—Les Adams <longhorn1939@suddenlink.net>

Plot Keywords: hunter, forest ranger, lumberjack, sidekick, engaging, forest, mountain ...

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