Highest-Rated Movies about 'Historian', Sort by Popularity

Last Breath (2018), King Leopold's Ghost (2006), Kurosawa (2001), Propaganda: The Art of Selling Lies (2019), Tomorrow Ever After (2016), Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (2003), Patterns of Evidence: The Exodus (2013), Return to Hardwick (2019) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Historian movies.

#3. Kurosawa (2001)

Storyline: Director Adam Low explores the life and work of Japanese director Akira Kurosawa, who is widely considered one of the greatest and most influential film directors of all-time. Low begins with Kurosawa's childhood in Tokyo and chronicles his ascent following the release of such masterpieces as "Rashomon," "Seven Samurai" and "Throne of Blood." The film also includes interviews with figures Kurosawa has influenced, including such film icons as Clint Eastwood and George Lucas.

Plot Keywords: filmmaker, friend, historian, critic, clint eastwood, fascinating, engaging ...

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#6. Henri Cartier-Bresson: The Impassioned Eye (2003)

Storyline: Filmed only a few years before his death, this documentary focuses on the career of Henri Cartier-Bresson, a frustrated painter who became a world-renowned photographer. As he reviews his portfolio of iconic images and notable figures, the notoriously press-shy Cartier-Bresson offers insights into his legendary career, which covered everything from Gandhi's funeral to the fall of China. Interviews with historians and colleagues explore the powerful impact of his globetrotting work.

Plot Keywords: photographer, actor, historian, filmmaker, playwright, colleague, creative ...

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#8. Return to Hardwick (2019)

Storyline: The 93rd Bomb Group was arguably the most decorated, most traveled and most effective bomb group of WWII. Helping to cripple Hitler's Europe from the air, they executed some of the most daring bombing raids of the war. Along with the group's rich history, sons, daughters and grandchildren travel to England and explore the 93rd's long forgotten air base - Hardwick.—Michael Sellers

Plot Keywords: son, historian, pilot, emotional, fascinating, heartwarming, air field ...

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#9. Against the Tide (2009)

Storyline: 'Against The Tide' examines the conflict that erupted in the American Jewish community over the best means to rescue the European Jews trying to escape the Holocaust. It tells the little known story of Peter Bergson, who tirelessly stood up against American Jewish leaders in the late 30's and early 40's in an effort to save the Jews of Europe.—Richard Trank

Plot Keywords: american, jew, holocaust survivor, historian, expert, documentarian, activist ...

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#10. The Rape of Europa (2006)

Storyline: THE RAPE OF EUROPA takes the audience on a journey through seven countries telling a story of greed and warfare that threatened the artistic heritage of Europe. For twelve years, the Nazis looted and destroyed art. Young art historians and curators from America and across Europe fought back, mounting a campaign to rescue and return countless art works displaced by the war. Joan Allen narrates this chronicle about the battle over centuries of western culture.—Actual Films

Plot Keywords: nazi, art expert, soldier, historian, shocking, moving, museum ...

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#11. Little Big Man (1970)

Storyline: Jack Crabb is 121 years old as the film begins. A collector of oral histories asks him about his past. He recounts being captured and raised by indians, becoming a gunslinger, marrying an indian, watching her killed by General George Armstrong Custer, and becoming a scout for him at Little Big Horn.

Plot Keywords: indian, gunslinger, historian, reverend, pioneer, wild, amusing ...

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#12. The Bishop's Wife (1947)

Storyline: An Episcopal Bishop, Henry Brougham, has been working for months on the plans for an elaborate new cathedral which he hopes will be paid for primarily by a wealthy, stubborn widow. He is losing sight of his family and of why he became a churchman in the first place. Enter Dudley, an angel sent to help him. Dudley does help everyone he meets, but not necessarily in the way they would have preferred. With the exception of Henry, everyone loves him, but Henry begins to believe that Dudley is there to replace him, both at work and in his family's affections, as Christmas approaches.—John Vogel <[email protected]>

Plot Keywords: bishop, wife, angel, wealthy woman, historian, cab driver, engaging ...

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#13. Hey, Boo: Harper Lee and To Kill a Mockingbird (2010)

Storyline: It is our national novel. Reading to Kill a Mockingbird is something we all have in common. Harper Lee's first and only novel turns 50 this summer and the author hasn't given an interview since 1964 or published a second book. In compelling interviews with Scott Turow, James McBride, Wally Lamb, Rosanne Cash, Anna Quindlen, Oprah Winfrey,Tom Brokaw, among others, and with rare cooperation from Harper Lee's sister and friends, Mary Murphy traces the history of this astonishing phenomenon.—Anonymous

Plot Keywords: historian, author, interviewee, interviewer, fascinating, engaging, moving ...

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#14. Who Will Write Our History (2018)

Storyline: Who Will Write Our History tells the story of Emanuel Ringelblum and the Oyneg Shabes Archive, the secret archive he created and led in the Warsaw Ghetto. With 30,000 pages of writing, photographs, posters, and more, the Oyneg Shabes Archive is the most important cache of in-the-moment, eyewitness accounts from the Holocaust. It documents not only how the Jews of the ghetto died, but how they lived. The film is based on the book of the same name by historian Samuel Kassow.—Katahdin Productions

Plot Keywords: nazi, jew, journalist, scholar, historian, brooding, brutal ...

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#15. Operation Homecoming: Writing the Wartime Experience (2007)

Storyline: A unique documentary about troops' experiences in Iraq and Afghanistan, based on writings by soldiers, Marines, and air men. Some writings were published in the New Yorker in summer 2006. A larger assortment was published as a book by Random House last September. The film drew upon the submissions by soldiers for the book. It's a remarkable portrait of troops at war - the complexities, doubts, and fears - written with honesty. The 81-minute version of the film (which will be in theatres) includes 11 pieces of writing, with different visual strategies, along with interviews with the writers, and with more established American writers who are also veterans. In the latter group are Tim O'Brien, Yusef Komunyakaa, Tobias Wolff, Joe Haldeman, James Salter, Anthony Swofford, Richard Currey, and Paul Fussell. The visual approaches range from poet Brian Turner reading directly to camera, to archival footage, to an animated "graphic novel," to a still photo sequence shot by photographer Antonin Kratochvil. It's rooted in a program by the NEA that created a series of writing workshops at military bases. After those workshops, the writers submitted pieces for consideration in the book, edited by Andy Carroll. From those writings were selected 11 for inclusion in the film. There is also a 53-minute version of this film which will be airing on PBS as part of the series "America at a Crossroads" in April, 2007. Both of these are different from the other film 'Operation Homecoming" from 2007, directed by Lawrence Bridges. That piece was produced by the NEA as a documentary about their writing workshops.—Adam Hyman, co-producer

Plot Keywords: interviewee, historian, professor, soldier, marine, military officer, inspiring ...

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