Highest-Rated Movies about 'Hackers', Sort by Popularity

Zero Days (2016), Who Am I (2014), Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections (2020), Jason Bourne (2016), No Postage Necessary (2017), Johnny English Strikes Again (2018), Hacker (2015), Blackhat (2015) ... Let's take a look at the ranked list of the best Hackers movies.

Zero Days (2016)

A documentary focused on Stuxnet, a piece of self-replicating computer malware that the U.S. and Israel unleashed to destroy a key part of an Iranian nuclear facility, and which ultimately spread beyond its intended target.

computer expert, fascinating, intricate, computer world, documentaries, hackers, virus

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Who Am I (2014)

Benjamin, a young German computer whiz, is invited to join a subversive hacker group that wants to be noticed on the world's stage.

hacker, investigator, friend, misfit, gripping, gritty, frenetic

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Kill Chain: The Cyber War on America's Elections (2020)

Finnish hacker and election expert Harri Hursti investigates election-related hacks, uncovering just how unprotected voting systems really are.

hacker, national security advisor, politician, political consultant, political candidate, computer, computer expert

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Jason Bourne (2016)

The CIA's most dangerous former operative is drawn out of hiding to uncover more explosive truths about his past.

jason bourne, cia director, hacker, operative, terrorist, assassin, brooding

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No Postage Necessary (2017)

Straight out of jail, a hacker steals letters hoping to find cash. He reads one of the letters, falls in love with the writer and decides to change his ways to be worthy of her.

hacker, love interest, husband, marine, widow, impostor, amusing

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Johnny English Strikes Again (2018)

After a cyber-attack reveals the identity of all of the active undercover agents in Britain, Johnny English is forced to come out of retirement to find the mastermind hacker.

retired spy, special agent, teacher, hacker, villain, undercover agent, amusing

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Hacker (2015)

With the help of his new friends Alex Danyliuk turns to a life of crime and identity theft.

hacker, criminal, mother, banker, thrilling, suspenseful, bank

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Blackhat (2015)

A furloughed convict and his American and Chinese partners hunt a high-level cybercrime network from Chicago to Los Angeles to Hong Kong to Jakarta.

hacker, criminal, fbi agent, government agent, computer expert, cool, tense

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Masterminds (1997)

Trapped in a school in which a gang of criminals has siezed control, a young troublemaker fights a cat and mouse battle from inside.

student, hacker, security head, principal, friend, sister, amusing

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Ratter (2015)

A young graduate student is tormented by a stalker who hacks into her electronic devices and monitors her every move.

stalker, graduate student, student, woman, brooding, chilling, creepy

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The Gene Generation (2007)

Michelle, an assassin to a new breed of killers (DNA Hackers), finds she has greater obstacles in her life... Family.

assassin, brother, hacker, thrilling, underworld, city, dna

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Cats & Dogs 3: Paws Unite! (2020)

Gwen the Cat and Roger the Dog are secret agents who covertly protect and save the world without humans ever finding out. Their partnership is due to the Great Truce, which has stopped dog and cat hostility for a decade.

cat, dog, parrot, son, daughter, amusing, charming

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