The Dustwalker (2019)

The Dustwalker (2019)

  • 3.8
  • 95 mins
  • Science Fiction, Drama


In a remote town in the Australian outback, a mysterious object crashes to Earth. When a human comes in contact with the object, that person becomes lifeless and deformed. These changed humans seem interested in the town's children and kill those remaining humans who stand in their way. The town's Sheriff and her deputy, along with a schoolteacher and a scientist, all try to keep as many children safe as possible and understand what is happening to the town. Ultimately, the Sheriff and her team of citizens are helped by an otherworldly force to contain the epidemic.—Timothy Gartin

Short Review

I created an account just to say this was the dumbest movie I've see in a long time. I've seen Jack&Jill, this might be worse. Do. Not. Watch.