Measure for Measure (2019)

Measure for Measure (2019)

  • 5.5
  • 107 mins
  • Drama


A film that goes head first into the lives of inhabitants of a housing commission tower whose paths cross after a shocking event occurs on their front doorstep. Claudio is an aspiring musician with a tough upbringing , while Jaiwara is a university student from an immigrant family tragedy brings their first meeting. Duke is an ageing crime boss who does things his way, Angelo is his troubled crime prince who aspires to be the boss And go his own way. A story of justice, loyalty, cultural struggles and a beautiful love story underpinning and at the centre of the film, a tale of love and hate. Power struggles all played out masterfully on the screen.—Captain_yobbo

Short Review

There's a lot going on in the movie without ever really exploring those topics beyond a cursory mention.