The Stolen (2016)

The Stolen (2016)

  • 5.3
  • 95 mins
  • Adventure, Action, Western, Mystery, Drama, Thriller


Charlotte Lockton, a wealthy, upper class, English immigrant, chooses to forgo all of her home luxuries to find her kidnapped baby son. She navigates her way through the unruly and wild world of the gold rush in 1860's New Zealand, finding unlikely friendship amongst the hustlers, whores, Maori Warriors and Chinese Miners. But in the end, she must face the man who took the boy - and become the woman she never thought she'd be.—Anonymous

Short Review

The Stolen is at its best when it focuses on its mystery element. Rife with intrigue and unexpected twists throughout, the film makes for an entertaining journey into the frontier. It's a shame that this wasn't given the focus it deserved.