Poseidon Rex (2014)

Poseidon Rex (2014)

  • 2.5
  • 79 mins
  • Science Fiction


Forced to pay off his debt to the murderous Caribbean crime lord, Tariq, instead, the American scuba-diver and treasure hunter, Jackson Slate, wakes up from its deep hibernation a massive, T-Rex-like sauroid off the coast of Belize. Now, Slate has to team up with diver, Henry, happy holidaymakers, Rod and Jane, and the marine biologist, Sarah Jones, to retrieve a Mayan treasure from the dangerous waters; however, the scaly beast from the sea is ever-present and famished. But, what good is a chest full of gold when you're dead? Can Jackson and his team defeat the all-powerful reptile, Poseidon Rex?—Nick Riganas

Plot Keywords

submarine, dinosaur

Short Review

The filmmakers forget the fundamentals of B-movie 101: Skin-baring spring breakers make for the most qualified carnage.


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