The Mule

The Mule

  • 6.3
  • 102 mins
  • Comedy, Mystery, Crime, Drama, Documentary, Adventure, Romance, Thriller


After an all-expenses-paid trip to exotic early-1980s Thailand, the TV repairman and gullible first-time drug mule, Ray Jenkins, finds himself in police custody at Melbourne Airport, with his stomach crammed with twenty sachets filled with heroin. Locked in a hotel room under Detective Paris and Detective Croft's around-the-clock supervision, Ray has to endure seven gut-wrenching, sphincter-clenching days to convince the authorities of his innocence. Now, an agonising battle of wills commences, as Ray struggles not to crack. Will nature take its course?—Nick Riganas

Short Review

This gritty, claustrophobic film will not be to everyone's taste -- and if I say that phrase also has a double meaning, you have a hint of just how gross Ray's week gets before it's over.