Morning Star (2014)

Morning Star (2014)

  • 2.7
  • 90 mins
  • Fantasy, Mystery, Action, Adventure, Thriller


In time of war, a man must survive to make a journey to fulfill a promise made and discover the truth. After a terrible battle, he sees his great friend perish, leaving him one request - that he visit the king, father of the deceased, to give him the news of his death. Stuck to the promise, the warrior part to the meeting with the king, who lost his only heir.—Tomás Edson

Short Review

This truly is a very bad film. Not in the way you can find amusing type of bad. Just plain bad. Can't really understand how this ever got published in the first place - I promise you will feel totally astonished after 90 minutes - How on earth can a film fail so totally? If you still decide to watch it, prepare yourself for a Mulholland Drive meets Lord of the Rings experience with zero budget, non existing plot and some of the worst acting ever seen.