Tengo ganas de ti (2012)

Tengo ganas de ti (2012)

  • 6.9
  • 2h
  • Drama, Romance
  • 2012-06-22 (USA)


Hache (Mario Casas) flies back to Barcelona after spending two years in London, trying to forget his first love and Pollo's (Álvaro Cervantes) death, his best friend. His brother picks him up from the airport; after he settles himself in, he sees his bike covered with a sheet. H. takes his bike for a spin and lands in the port where he used to race illegally. As soon as he gets there he receives a call, turns out Katina (Marina Salas) found out through Álex (Hache's brother) that he just got back; they both agree to meet at a park. When he arrives at the park, Hache sees Chino (Lucho Fernandez) who tells him that things have changed. Chino invites him to a get-together in a restaurant with their other friends. While waiting sitting on a bench, Katina surprises him and they both sit down for some catch up time. Katina asks Hache if he has missed Babi (Maria Valverde) and tells him that she's seen her, but that she has changed. Hache invites her to the get-together, but Katina declines ...

Short Review

It was totally unblessing for my psyche to pay attention to this, how am I supposed to describe it, sickly, insufferable, pointless, embarrassing and rotten piss movie. I am deeply disappointed in them giving this movie anything else than 1 star. I jumped into watching this movie after watching "Tres Metros Sobre El Cielo", a decent movie with the love between Hugo and Babi, but then I guess they lowered their budget and hired the actor for Gin because they couldn't afford a better main character.