Rise of the Zombies (2012)

Rise of the Zombies (2012)

  • 1.5
  • 90 mins
  • Horror, Action, Mystery, Thriller


Survivors of a zombie plague search for a scientist who may have a cure.

Short Review

For a Zombie movie, this is pretty good. there is lots of action, logical progression, and isn't stupid (overall). This Is a low-budget film, but the actors do their very best and it Works, often well. I liked the characters, and especially the main cast, and it made sense how things got from one end to the other. A little bit of "infinite ammo" feeling, but that is fine because the cuts are sometimes dozens of minutes apart, if not hours, so they could reload in that time. Most of the cast did a really hard job of trying to be great actors, and many of them did a great job! There are some shocking scenes, and some disturbing scenes, and even a limb cut! One great limb cut, and another "What is he doing?!" limb cut. It even had a side-story of a doctor trying to find a cure on his own, which makes perfect sense. This is actually a well put together and well-thought low-budget movie, and even though the CGI special effects almost look like Photoshop, it's not like it was so bad that you couldn't watch it and instead just made sense. That's the Best type of CGI, great or terrible, is that it makes Sense, and this film does that. Overall, I'd say this is one of the better action-zombie movies and from beginning to end it makes logical sense through progression. I just wish this film had another minute of mourning for people because after it was done they move on Quick, which isn't unreasonable considering how people die left and right from everything and anything.