Blackthorn (2011)

Blackthorn (2011)

  • 6.5
  • 98 mins
  • Action, Western, Adventure


In Bolivia, two decades after his mysterious disappearance in San Vicente in 1908, life has found Butch Cassidy exiled to a small Bolivian town. Only now the aged outlaw goes under the name James Blackthorn. Cassidy has been keeping to himself; breeding and selling horses in order save money to return to the states. But an attempted ambush by a young Spaniard leaves him with no money as he watches his horse run off with his saddle bags full of cash. With the Spaniard held at gunpoint, Cassidy is told there is a hidden stash of money he will receive for helping the young man flee the mining families from which he stole the stash. Now it's up to Cassidy to revive his former self and save the two from meeting their death in the desert sands of Bolivia.—shredder-53761

Short Review

This story, parboiled out of one of the most memorable Westerns, is supported all the way by Gil's directing.